Hill Walking P6

slieve-gullion-south-armaghA reminder that over the next 2 days P6 pupils will have the opportunity to climb to the summit of Slieve Gullion. Walking boots and waterproofs are provided, with a ruck sack, pupils are advised to wear old tracksuit bottoms and layers which can can be put on or taken off depending on the weather conditions. Thick socks are provided with the walking boots, we would advise pupils to wear a fine pair of their own socks, the thick boot socks can be worn over these.

Please bring a packed lunch, a bottle of water, a treat can be added to the lunch but remember you will have to carry this to the top of the mountain!

We advise bringing a dry set of clothes with you on the day you are walking, to change into on return to school in the event that pupils get wet.

Please remember to bring inhalers or any medications needed.


The Big Bus


Action Cancer’s mobile unit, the BIG BUS, is coming to:

 St Mary’s Primary School on 21st and 22nd of May

The Big Bus provides two services which are now available to book, we are asking a total contribution of £15/person to avail of either or both of the services outlined below. All money collected goes to the charity Action Cancer.

  1. If you are a woman aged 40-49 or 70+, you are eligible to make an appointment for Breast Screening on the BIG BUS. The charity is the only place in Northern Ireland for women outside of the NHS screening age range to avail of a breast screening, so this is a great opportunity. The screening takes only a few minutes and for the majority of women, provides peace of mind.
  2. MOT Health Checks are open to anyone aged 16+ and are a great way to get a current picture of your health. The check takes about 20 minutes and you will receive a variety of tests, such as blood pressure and cholesterol. You will also stand on the body composition scales to receive a print out of details such as muscle mass, hydration levels, fat around your organs, and BMI. The Health Promotion Officer carrying out your assessment will be able to provide advice and information about lifestyle improvements and cancer prevention.

Call Action Cancer on 028 9080 3344,  Phone lines are open from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Saturday.

Or visit  www.actioncancer.org/appointments to make your appointment on line for either service.

Money Sense Workshop- Fraud Scene Investigators

4c915673-84b4-437c-b342-8e05bbd8c6c6 96d8eed9-a0ba-4e9c-a10d-213a476105f4 a67048a6-25c0-4456-b074-54ca637be2ee 1eb96a9f-5e82-4137-989d-b08ccc2958dbPrimary 6/7 had a busy afternoon helping solve a “fraud crime” committed against a friend. They reviewed exhibits and evidence to determine how the crime had been committed, they will follow up by creating  a “Crimewatch” style report warning others of the dangers of frauds and scams.

Thank you to Richard from Ulster Bank for coming along to help out with the workshop and to tell us more about fraud and his job at Ulster Bank. We hope that everyone will share their learning with their family and friends to ensure we all know how to protect ourselves from fraudsters.

Check out https://ulsterbankni.mymoneysense.com/students/kids-8-12 for fun activities and games.

Stormont Visit

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Eco Committee checking out recycling facilities at Stormont
Eco Committee checking out recycling facilities at Stormont,

We had a great day at Stormont touring the building and hearing how proposals are debated and passed into Law. We were also lucky to met Alliance M.L.A, Kellie Armstrong who explained to us how M.L.A.’s are elected and the work they do. We even had our own mock debate in the Chamber, on the proposal, “School uniforms should be banned”!  We’re sure you can guess which side won!


Stormont Trip


A reminder to our Eco Committee and School Council members that we are going to Stormont tomorrow, Tuesday 10th of April. We will have a tour of the building and learn more about the work of our M.L.A.’s and the decision making process.

We will be leaving at around 9.15 am and we will be back for normal home time at 3.10 pm. It is important that everyone is in full school uniform and  brings a packed lunch, preferably in a disposable bag as we won’t be bringing school bags, (this is to speed our way through the security checks).


Stem Challenge

img_3047img_3048We had 2 P7 teams away to St Paul’s HS today taking part in the STEM Challenge. They were presented with a scenario where an airplane had crashed, passengers were injured and they had to construct a bridge to span a gorge to allow access to the crash site. Their constructions were made using paper, art straws, paper clips and light weight card, it had to span at least 30 cm and hold a weight of 250gms for 30 seconds. Teams were scored in 3 areas, team work, planning and furfilling the brief. Whilst neither team were placed on this occasion, their constructions were well made and easily withheld the force created by the weight. Well done to all 6, boys and girls!

A Day of Prayer for P7’s

dscn5976dscn5970dscn5976dscn5975Our Primary 7 Pupils spent an interesting morning with Aine, learning all about the Eucharist and asking many thought provoking questions about the life of Jesus. In the afternoon they visited the Chapel where the Blessed Sacrament was on display in the monstrance, she explained how during Adoration everyone could talk with Jesus sharing their worries and problems. Well done to everyone on being so respectful and helping to create a peaceful atmosphere and a time for quiet reflection. We took some photos after the Blessed Sacrament was placed back in the tabernacle as a reminder of the day.