Presentation to Fr Aidan

Presentation to Fr Aidan

Fr Aidan had some surprise visitors yesterday morning, when P6 and P6/7 walked up to the Parochial House to make a presentation on behalf of all the boys and girls at St Mary’s. They were particularly proud to present a beautiful collage of St Mary created using pictures from pupils across the school. Fr Aidan was absolutely delighted to receive it and we know he will spend many hours pouring over the pictures and the many messages included within.

A special mention to the group of P6 pupils who helped Master Mc Donnell put it all together, great work! Well done everyone.

Goodbye Fr Aidan

The children were saddened at Assembly on Friday when Master Mc Donnell told them Fr. Aidan was leaving the Parish. They have been remembering all the events he has shared with them over his time in the Parish, recalling stories of the times they have meet for Mass, the Sacraments and his visits to school.

They remember him for putting them at ease, telling jokes and making Services meaningful for  them. To show our appreciation for everything he has done we would like to make a small presentation from the children, if you would like to contribute to this please send your donation in an envelope clearly marked “Donation”.

Thank you


Pupil of the Week

Smiles from those nominated in their classes for “Pupil of the Week” this week. Well done to everyone and keep up the great work.  A special well done to Mrs Murphy’s P4/5 Class who were all nominated!!!

(Those missing from today’s post we will catch up with on Monday for a photo and post).

Covid Testing

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Before a child can return to school following they or a household member having had a Covid test please email a picture or screen shot of the confirmation of the negative result to my email address as given below.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter, as we try to keep our school Covid free.

P Mc Donnell


After School Care

Dear Parent/Guardian,

In order to maintain the After School Club in St. Mary’s, it is imperative that the facility pays for itself. Therefore from Monday 28th of September, any Nursery, P1, P2 or P3 Pupils who stay on in school after their designated pick up times or who remain on to 3 pm for the school bus must pay a fee of £1.50/half hour after their pick up time e.g.

1:30 pm to 2 pm- £1.50

1:30 pm to 2.30 pm £3

1:30 pm to 3 pm £4.50

The facility is open to 4:30 pm for any Parents/Guardians wishing to avail of the service.

P Mc Donnell

Home Times + Emails

Dear Parent/Guardian,

The home times currently in place, will remain unchanged until at least the end of October, ( all providing we remain infection free).

Thank you to those Parents/Guardians who have been in contact and provided an e-mail address.  We need these to communicate important information with you and also to enable you to access online platforms in the event of any future closures. I therefore ask all Parents/Guardians who have not as yet emailed me at the address below, to please do so ASAP.

Thank you,

P Mc Donnell


Dear Parent/Guardian,

To prevent the spread of  Coronavirus within our school please follow the advice given above, from the Department of Education and Public Health Agency, NI.  It states that children should not attend school if they or anyone else in the household displays symptoms or tests positive for Covid. I would ask that you air on the side of caution if your child feels unwell and keep them at home but, please do contact me by phone or email, to inform me as to the reason(s) for any absences. Only by working together can we hope to continue to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for your co-operation,

P McDonnell