Calendar for the Year 2020/21

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please see our calendar of holidays for this school year 2020/21. Red, brown or blue indicate dates pupils are not in school, green indicates dates pupils are in attendance.

Next Monday, 5th of October pupils are not in attendance, this is an annual School Development Day.

I have attached the calendar below as a pdf for anyone wishing to print it off and keep. Can I remind those Parents who have not as yet given an email address to please do so, having current email addresses would allow us to complete email groups for distribution of this and similar information. If you don’t have an email address can you please let the Office Staff know.

Thank you

P Mc Donnell

Holidays 20-21


Return to Full Attendance

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are attempting to move to a position of full, 5 day attendance for all pupils from Monday 14th September 2020. From 24th August we have been working to establish routines which enable us to manage the safe movement of children into school, during specific times of the school day and the exit procedure for home times. All of our actions are underpinned by recommended safe distancing and hygiene practices. The school will be able to receive people from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. The points of entry and exit established for your children remain in place. Children in the primary school who have younger siblings in Nursery can go home at 1.30 pm facilitating one Pick up time for parents.

For the week beginning Monday 14th, we aim to have all children picked up from school by 2 pm except for those who travel home by school bus at 3:10 pm and those booked into our After School Group up to 4 pm. We need to know how we can cope with full attendance for a full week with the staff that we have available before moving to a 3:10 pm in the weeks ahead. Many of our staff are contractually employed to 2 pm and this challenges our ability to have reduced class numbers after this time. However our ability to manage class numbers in the new context of full attendance will be achieved in the near future. I would like to stress that the accommodation of your children for the full school day, if that is what you need for work, will be gladly facilitated.

Finally, I wish to sincerely thank you for your support, patience and understanding during this time when we have had to be extra cautious in making preparations to best keep us all safe.

P Mc Donnell









Reminder Parents/Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian,

A reminder that at this time, no Parents/Visitors are allowed to enter the school grounds this is to maintain the integrity of the measures we have put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. If you need to relay a message, please make contact via phone with the Office Staff and if needed they will arrange a mutually suitable time for myself or the Class teacher to return your call.

Thank you for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell


Dinner Menu for September

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please see above Menu for the month of September. Please be advised that the School Meals’ Service does not begin until Tuesday 1st of September.

Those pupils in Groups returning to school next week, (Week beginning, Monday 24th of August), will need to bring a packed lunch to school.

Please see attached document from Peter Weir, Minister for Education, Section 4 (Pgs 44-46) refer to School Meals’ Service.

Nursery and Primary 1 Admissions, 2020/21

Nursery and Primary 1 Admissions, 2020/21

Due to the uncertainity of the current situation, the Education Authority has made arrangements to prepare and issue notification of placement letters for P1 and Nursery, to Parents/Guardians receipt of which will be on Wednesday, 29th April 2020.

The letter will outline the application outcome, provide information on the appeals process and links to the EA website for more information.

As it is possible due to the Covid 19 that some post may take longer to deliever than usual, the “Citizien Portal” will be opened on Wednesday, 29th April and Parents/Guardians who have applied online can log in to view, their child’s pre-school/Nursery or Primary 1 placement. Guidance on how to log in and access placement offers will be accessible on the EA website the link is given below.

Free School Meals

Dear Parents/Guardians

We believe from Posts on the “Education Authority Twitter Account”, that they will be making payments of £2.70/child /day for all families currently eligible for Free School Meals. Payments will be made directly into bank accounts on a fortnightly basis and will continue over the Easter Holidays. For those families for whom the Education Authority does not have bank details they will send a text to you to direct you to their website where there will be a form to complete. Please be aware with phone coverage in our area, texts may not reach you and you may need to follow up directly with the Education Authority.

For anyone finding their circumstances may have changed below is the link for downloading the form for applying for Free School Meals.

Parents- Key Workers

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Recently, the Minister for Education, Northern Ireland, Peter Weir MLA, made a statement outlining that over the coming days and weeks the impact of the spread of the Covid -19 will be extremely significant for everyone in our community.

The overriding priority is to reduce the spread of the virus. Using social distancing and effective hygiene are the best ways to do this. This is why Churches, Schools, Community and Sporting Organisations are closed.

You also can play your part: limit unnecessary journeys, avoid crowded spaces, practice good hand washing hygiene, spend precious time with your children and keep in contact with your child’s teacher as they endeavour to support  you through home packs and online activities as has been previously communicated.

At this time, we are mindful of the additional pressures and expectations on the medical and caring professions. As a Community, we will seek to support front line service workers: doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, etc to enable them to support the most vulnerable people. To that end it is necessary to support identified Key Workers.  (See link below to the Northern Ireland Department of Education website, for more information)

We will observe the advice regarding social distancing. Keeping the numbers of children and staff very low and limiting contact between them as much as possible. Whilst open as normal, 9 to 3.00 to facilitate Key Workers, we will not be able to operate anything like a “normal” school day. There will be no school transport and a packed lunch will be required.  We already have a significant reduction in staffing and this will probably continue to get worse over time.

It is important that we are made aware of the number of children of Key Workers who will be attending school tomorrow, Monday,23rd March. Please email this evening by 8 pm to the address below, with the following information:

  • Parent’s Name
  • Names of Children + Classes
  • Parent’s Occupation
  • Contact Details for all with Parental Responsibility
  • Pick up arrangements for home time

I would advise that sending children to school could potentially facilitate the transfer of the virus so only use the service if you would otherwise be dependent on Grandparents or vulnerable adults to look after your children.

I would also ask that all who are designated as “Key Workers” continue to lobby for COVID-19 virus testing to facilitate the management of our response to the virus.

In the interim keep safe and thank you for your continued support in these most challenging times.

P Mc Donnell



KS2 Parents

Dear KS2 Parents/Guardians,

We are all set up and ready to go! Classwork should hit work stations at 9 am tomorrow. Judging from the online activity there are some eager beavers out there, we hope this enthusiasm keeps up!

There are 2 areas within Google Classroom: the Stream where pupils can comment/chat with each other and Classwork where assignments are posted.

We have worked hard to keep the process and instructions as clear as possible,  work is in the main, a continuation of what pupils have been doing and are familiar with. This will hopefully make things easier for everyone. Everything that is needed is included as attachments, as we have no idea who has what books in school bags.

On Friday we produced and uploaded to the Stream our own “Google Classroom User Guide” in the form of a Google slideshow, with screen shots of steps to follow. Pupils all have access to the full suite of Goggle Apps through their My School Log in.

We expect there may be hitches to start with, but pupils have all experience of using Google Classroom and this is a good opportunity to practice independence and thinking skills. We will monitor and make adjustments if needed as we go along.

Whilst this may be a novelty with pupils, we are all too fully aware that in the grand scheme of things, school work isn’t high on anyone’s agenda at the moment. So please Parents/Guardians don’t stress over this, (it may prove to be a useful distraction), we want you, your children and wider families to be safe, that is and has to be the first priority.

Lastly, we are forever grateful to the Parents, friends and wider community who assisted and supported our ICT fund raising a number of years ago, your support at that time has placed us in the position we are today, ready and able  to launch this approach to teaching and learning.

Keep safe and well,

God Bless

P Mulkerns, C Crawley, P Mc Coy K Mc Ardle