Healthy Me – Help Needed

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I have received a request for help from the Action Mental Health Team.  You will remember the team adapted their “Healthy Me” Programme and delivered it virtually to any interested Parents in June during lock-down. Their work is featuring this Saturday, 11th of July @ 11am on Radio Ulster’s John Toal Programme.  They have asked if any Parent(s) who took part in the programme would be willing to speak live? Parent(s) would speak about their experience of the Programme and if they found it useful, particularly in the current Covid 19 pandemic.

I am aware that this is short notice but your willingness to be involved would be greatly appreciated by the team. If you would be willing to speak I have given my email address below for you to contact me and I will pass on your details to the team.

Anyone interested in the work of the Action Mental Health Team or in making contact with them directly, a link to their website can be found below.

Thank you,

P Mulkerns





Dear Parents/Guardians,

We would like to say thank-you for all your support to St. Mary’s over the past year and in particular over the past difficult few months. You have helped us to support your child/children by ensuring that they have engaged with learning, both on and off line, it hasn’t been easy, we know. It was a steep learning curve for everyone and we appreciate you will have encountered many difficulties along the way, but you stuck with it and this very much encouraged us to continue with and develop new ways of reaching out to our children and families. The whole experience will have taught your children many new skills and developed important life skills- not least not giving up! We are very proud, our whole school community very much lived up to our school motto: “Never settle for less than your best!”

We are currently working on a plan for return to school in September we hope to be in a position to share this with you by the end of next week.

Thank you for all your messages and emails of support, we hope all our families have a lovely Summer Holiday and we look forward to working with you in the Autumn Term.

Stay safe, Stay well.

The Staff of St. Mary’s.

Lost Property

Dear Parents/Guardians

If your child left a coat, hat, lunchbox, football boots etc. in school, there is an opportunity tomorrow from 10 am to 12 noon to pick these up. Weather permitting they will be laid outside the main entrance on tables for collection. If weather does not allow tables will be placed in the dinning hall.

Please observe social distancing rules and if entering the school there will be a one in, one out policy, remember to use the hand sanitising station on entry.

Any items not claimed tomorrow, will be bagged up and sent to charity.

Thank you for your co-operation

Miss Mulkerns

Attention P7 Parents

Dear P7 Parent/Guardian,

A reminder about tonight’s important Transition Workshop for P7 Parents + Pupils @7 pm. This will be online using Collaborate Ultra our C2k approved video conferencing platform. All our P7 pupils have had the opportunity to use this platform so they are experts and will lead you through the process of getting onto the platform! It is most important to use Google Chrome when entering otherwise your virtual experience will not be good.

This is an important annual event in the P7 calendar and we hope that you and your P7 child will be able to attend. The Programme has been adapted for a virtual environment and will last 45 mins to 1 hour. It aims to reduce stress at this important time for both you and your child with useful tips and advice. Feedback from Parents in past years has been most positive.

We look forward to welcoming you both virtually this evening for what we know will help you both with this very exciting but daunting event in your child’s life- “Transition”.

Check your child’s Google Classroom this evening for the link to the Virtual Room.

Please like and share this post to spread the word to all P7 Parents

Thank you

Miss Mulkerns + Mr Mc Coy

Sympathy Notice

Sympathy Notice

The Board of Governors, Staff and Pupils deeply regret the passing of Mrs Mary Mc Coy, Maphoner Road, Mullaghbawn, former employee of  St Mary’s P.S.  We wish to extend our sincere and deepest sympathy to her husband Joe, son Paddy and her entire family circle at this time.

Mary, Our Lady of Ireland, Pray for Her.

P6- Virtual Pet Show

P6- Virtual Pet Show

Dear P6 Parent,

As you are probably aware tomorrow P6 are to have their “Virtual Pet Show” + Showcase of  Websites.  As explained to the children this morning, we have had to change the time of this event, it will now start at 11.30 am and will run probably until 1.00 pm. A link will be posted in their Google Classroom in the morning. There will be no Live Lesson @10 am. 

We will start with the showing of Pets, as pupils arrive into our virtual class at 11.30 we will draw up a running order. Each child will be given advance notice of their turn to show their pet, when prompted they can turn on their camera and introduce them. We will try to keep this section as brief as possible!

Following this we will have break out groups and pupils will have the opportunity to discuss the websites which they have created around the theme of Pets, in a small group setting. They should have received links to the sites created by other members of their Group through email.  Alternatively, if they go to “Google Sites” through their My School account and click on “New Google Sites” on the left hand-side of the launch page, they should see all the sites they have been allocated to view before our virtual meeting.

If you could please spread the word about our change of time that would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to a “lively” virtual class tomorrow,

Miss Mulkerns + Miss Crawley

P5, P6, P7 Parents/Guardians

P5, P6, P7 Parents/Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian,

A reminder that tomorrow evening, Wednesday 23rd of June @ 7 pm we have a fantastic opportunity for Parents and Guardians to join virtually in a presentation to be given by Action Mental Health. The presentation will cover important issues such as supporting and improving social and emotional well being and self- care techniques.

A link will be posted in your child’s Google Classrooms- P5, P5/6 P6 and P7 tomorrow afternoon, the room will open 10/15 mins before the start time. Simply copy and paste the link into your Google Chrome Browser- other browsers will not support our video conferencing platform, Collaborate Ultra.

We look forward to welcoming you virtually:

KS2 Teachers

Mr Mc Coy     Miss Mulkerns    Miss Crawley    Miss Mc Ardle

Parents’- Workshop

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am delighted to offer you, the opportunity to take part in a “Healthy Me” -Virtual Workshop, this coming Wednesday, 24th June @ 7pm. This workshop is suitable for Parents, Carers and Teachers of children aged 8-11 years, (P5-P7). It will last around 1 hour and will deal with important issues such as:

  • How to start conversations about Mental Health
  • How to recognise signs/symptoms of mental ill-health
  • teach self care techniques building resilience and confidence
  • How and where to access support.

A link will be posted to your child’s Google Classroom on the day. Please ensure you use Google Chrome for the workshop, copy and paste the link into your Google browser.  I look forward to welcoming you “Virtually” on Wednesday evening.

P Mulkerns

P6 Parents/Guardians- Transfer Information

P6 Parents/Guardians- Transfer Information

Dear P6 Parent/Guardian

It is come to my attention that some of you may be uncertain of the transfer arrangement for your child when they move into P7 and prepare for Secondary or Grammar school.

On 19th May 2020 the Archbishop of Armagh, Eamon Martin asked that the Post-Primary Transfer Test be suspended this year in Northern Ireland due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the Education Minister Peter Weir rejecting the Bishop’s plea, on 29th May, the Abbey Christian Brothers’ Grammar School, Our Lady’s Grammar School, Sacred Heart Grammar School, and St Colman’s College which are all in Newry, and St Louis Grammar School, in Kilkeel, announced they would act on the request of Bishop Martin and suspend the transfer test for this year.

Therefore, no Catholic pupils in the catchment area of these schools will be sitting the Transfer Test in the next academic year. The above named schools organise for the sitting and administration of the transfer test but next school year 2020/2021 they will not be producing a test.

The selection of pupils for the schools named will take place and these schools have outlined their selection criteria for the incoming year given the absence of the Transfer Test. The criteria laid out by individual schools should be available on their School Websites. Although there has been no mention of any test related criteria, including records of performances from Primary Schools, this could be a possibility. Key Stage 2 (P5/P6/P7) results have been requested in the past for the purpose of transferring to Grammar School. It could be the case that the Grammar Schools will look towards the standardised scores from previous years to make their selection.

Therefore, our focus for the pupils who will be entering into P7 this September 2020, will be to work towards the internal standardised tests that will be administered in the Spring term within our own school.

I hope that this communication goes some way to removing any misunderstanding you may have had in relation to transfer arrangements for this incoming P7 year 2020/2021.

Yours sincerely,

Peter McDonnell


P6 Parents/Guardians- “Healthy Me” Programme

Dear P6 Parent,

We are delighted to inform you that on Monday, 22nd of June @10 am as part of our normal Monday P6 “Live Lesson” we will have with us guest speakers from “Action Mental Health NI”.

They will deliver their “Healthy Me” Programme, which normally runs over a number of sessions in school but this has been tailored to suit our online environment, in fact we will be one of the first schools to take advantage of this new initiative.

“Healthy Me” positively promotes mental health, social and emotional well-being in children and has a strong focus on prevention and self-help and is of particular importance at this current time.