Prize Winners

Prize Winners

Congratulations to our 12 winners from P7, who took part in a recent Art Competition to celebrate the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Thank you to the Confucius Institute at the University of Ulster for organising and sponsoring prizes, each winner received a book token for Waterstones and had their artwork made into a poster. Missing from the photos is Sean Ferris, but his peers ensured his prize was collected and his work was included in the pictures!

Classes were especially delighted to receive the much coveted Panda Mascots of 2022 Olympics. They look forward to having many adventures at St Mary’s!!!



Celebrating World Book Day

Primary 3/4 celebrated World Book Day in our Mandarin lesson today by showcasing their fantastic costumes on the catwalk. Thankyou to Mr Wan Li for a fun lesson today. The children loved it.

We have throughly enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and books in class this week. We were joined today by local author John Farrelly, who has recently published a book called The Vikings. John talked to the children about the process of writing a book. He shared some of his beautiful illustrations with us. The children asked some wonderful insightful questions today. We may have some budding authors among us!

YCT Presentations

YCT Presentations

Yesterday we were delighted to welcome back 33 former pupils with their Secondary School Principals and teachers to receive certificates for the YCT Level 1, which they sat in their P7 year.

The YCT is an international standardised test of proficiency in Mandarin, set by Hanban, the Department of Education, China.  It assesses students’ abilities to use Mandarin through demonstrating their ability to understand and use some of the most common Mandarin phrases and sentences. The test is made up of two components, writing and speaking.

We are delighted to report that St. Mary’s students under the instruction of Mr Wan Li our Confucius Institute, Mandarin tutor, scored very highly on their papers, in fact well beyond the required pass mark!

Congratulations everyone, we were delighted to see you all again and hope that your experience of learning Mandarin at St Mary’s will promote a life long, love of languages.

Chinese Celebrations

Chinese Celebrations

Tomorrow we look forward to a wonderful morning of Global Learning as we celebrate Chinese New Year with Mr Cui and invited guests. Mr Cui has an exciting programme of entertainment planned, immersing us in Chinese culture. Pupils from P4, P5 and P6 will perform, as well as professional Chinese Artists, including musicians, dancers and Sichuan Opera, face changers!

To assist with P5 and P6 girls’ costume changes and P6 Kong Fu demonstrations all those pupils in P5 and P6 performing, may wear their PE uniforms.

In attendance will be 33 former P7 Pupils, (and their Secondary School Principals) whom we welcome back to receive  their YCT Mandarin Level 1 certificates. In addition we will have representatives from SWC Confucius Hub, Mrs J. McDowell, Mrs L Beatty and Mrs F Cole.

We will take photos to share here with you, so watch this space!


Meeting China – Digital Arts Exhibition

P6 pupils really enjoyed their visit to the Digitial Arts Exhibition to celebrate Chinese New Year in the University of Ulster. Pupils experienced, through the use of digital media and Augmented Reality, the practices and traditions associated with the Spring Festival.  These included a virtual visit to a Chinese Puppet Theatre, electronic paper cutting and moulding clay into Chinese Porcelain.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners in the Confucius Institute for your kind invitation to today’s exhibition and we wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig!

Chinese New Year Celebration 2019

P6 pupils are looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year as guests of the Confucius Institute at their “Meeting China – Digital Arts Exhibition” on Monday 28th January. This is very exciting opportunity for pupils and staff as the exhibition is being held in the newly built University of Ulster Campus in Belfast.

Pupils will depart school at 9.15am and will return for normal school finishing time.

All pupils should take a packed lunch as we will not be back to school for dinner time and can wear their PE uniform.

Pupils received an information letter  and permission slip.