Assessments & Parent / Teacher Meetings

Dear Parents / Carers

I wish to inform you that assessments of pupils started in school last week with year 7 pupils being assessed first and year 1 last.

Assessment, which normally occurs during the spring/summer terms but for obvious reasons didn’t happen this year until now. Much of the assessment takes place online and it is only now that we have opened up the ICT suit to let this happen.

Once results have been gathered and analysed we will be in a better position to give you an informed report on your child’s / children’s academic performance.

We hope to be in a position by the end of January 2021 to begin having parent teacher meetings.

School Dinners

From this point on your child can have school dinners on any day that is desired. You do not have to register for school dinners for the week but only for the days you want.

P Mc Donnell


School Dinners

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school kitchen reopens tomorrow, Tuesday, 1st September. To allow for as much spacing and as little movement as possible, the following new procedures will be in place:

  1. Only those taking dinners will be allowed into the dining hall and will be seated in their Social/Class bubble. (Nursery Pupils will be served in their own classroom.)
  2. Pupils taking dinner must do so for the whole week, (or all days they are in school until we are operating a full week)
  3. Pupils will remain seated and dinner supervisors will bring dinners to the table.
  4. Kitchen and supervisory staff will be wearing visors and/or masks.
  5. Doors and windows will be open to allow as much ventilation as possible through the dining hall. 

Please check back to the website/social media channels for a post on the 21st of August for September’s menu. As far as possible the menu will remain unchanged but please be aware that from time to time changes have to be made, when deliveries don’t arrive on time.

Please note we are unaware of any change to the cost of school dinners, it remains we believe at £2.60/day for P1-P7 Pupils and £2.50/day for Nursery Pupils. Please place payment into a sealed envelope clearly marked with child’s/children’s names and classes, this should be given to the class teacher, parents and/or children are not permitted into the Office. 

Thank you for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell (Principal)


Dinner Menu for September

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please see above Menu for the month of September. Please be advised that the School Meals’ Service does not begin until Tuesday 1st of September.

Those pupils in Groups returning to school next week, (Week beginning, Monday 24th of August), will need to bring a packed lunch to school.

Please see attached document from Peter Weir, Minister for Education, Section 4 (Pgs 44-46) refer to School Meals’ Service.

Pancake Tuesday

Today is one of our favourite days of the year, Pancake Tuesday! We want everyone to enjoy their pancakes before Lent begins tomorrow, but a reminder, we have pupils with life threatening allergies, specifically to nuts and kiwi. So if you are having a Pancake for break or lunch today remember, no Nutella or similar spreads please. Please note this applies to any snacks with Nutella or similar fillings. Thank you for your continual cooperation on this matter.