P7 visit to Templetown Beach

P7 visit to Templetown Beach

P7B continued on working their Erasmus Project with a visit to Templetown Beach today exploring the sea shore for marine life.

Led by the very knowledgeable Brian Hoey, Mountain Ways Ireland, pupils found lympets, whelks, prawns, crabs and mussels in addition to some tasty seaweed.

Pupils were amazed how these tiny creatures survive on the seashore with the help of the ebb and flow of the tide.
A beautiful day for everyone with some paddling along the way.

P7A you have a very enjoyable day ahead on Friday.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank you to “An Tobar Wellness Centre”, who kindly extended an invitation to the staff of local schools to pay a visit today. Mrs O’ Hagan and Miss Mulkerns were delighted to attend, despite the rain! They had a wonderful tour of Brian’s Wood, the wildflower meadows and the apple orchards whilst meandering to the top of Carrigan’s Hill. Along the way they heard about the social enterprise work, the workshops, fieldtrips and the many more opportunities offered at the Centre.

We wish Kathleen, Margaret and Hannah, the very best in their venture and thank them for their hospitality, it is always lovely to reconnect with past pupils of St Mary’s. We are sure this is the first of many trips we will make to An Tobar!

If you would like to learn more about this amazing local facility and the opportunites they provide check out the link below.


P6 visit to An Tobar

The great outdoors was P6’s classroom today!
It was a short journey to An Tobar Wellness and Social Farm, Silverbridge where pupils were met by Una Walsh and Margaret Finnegan who led an excellent interactive tour of Brian’s Wood. Pupils located their townland name on the Ring of Gullion Townland map, identified native trees and learned about the eco system.
We would like to thank Una and Margaret for inviting us to An Tobar and for giving us the opportunity to learn about our local environment in a very relaxed and enjoyable workshop.

P6 Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are delighted to offer our P6 pupils the opportunity this Wednesday, 16th June, to take part in a “Virtual Science Class” with scientists from Dundalk Institute of Technology, (DKIT).

Excitingly a “lab in a box” will be delivered to school on Wednesday morning for pupils to carry out activities under the direction of DKIT scientists virtually!! These activities will focus on water quality and conservation.

Normally delivered as a science out reach project, this year because of Covid restrictions, the programme has been developed to be delivered virtually. Therefore, researchers working at DKIT are interested in your child’s opinion and views on the programme and have asked that pupils complete a short online questionnaire before and after the delivery of the workshop. They have issued us with letters and consent forms for pupils to take part, these will be given out tomorrow and must be back Wednesday morning.

This is a super opportunity for our P6 pupils to work with both scientists and researchers!

Thank you in advance for your co-operation signing and returning consent forms,

Miss Mulkerns + Miss Crawley

Film Crew

This is “Tidy Ring of Gullion Week”  and all around the village,  people are cleaning up litter. Today whilst out doing their bit, our P6/7 class were filmed as part of a wider promotional film for the area organised by the Ring of Gullion. It was a great experience to work with a professional film crew. Watch out for “our stars” when the film goes out later in the year!

“Back from the Brink”

Photo by Marie Mc Cartan

We know many of our boys and girls enjoy walking on Slieve Gullion’s slopes and on their walks some have been lucky enough to have encountered a red squirrel. A lucky few, have been fortunate enough to meet the conversationalists whilst they have been out recording and monitoring the pine martin population. So, we thought you might all like to know about a documentary on tonight, Sunday 28th, of March @ 6:30 pm on RTE 1. The programme is called “Back from the  Brink”, and will feature some of the red squirrels and pine martins from Slieve Gullion in a documentary about conservation successes across Europe.

Over lock down in the coldest winter weather the “Ring of Gullion and Cooley, Red Squirrel Group” put out a call for donations to buy food (peanuts) for the squirrels.  A donation from our Erasmus funding on behalf of all the pupils and wider school community of St Mary’s was made. So, tonight we can all watch with pride in the knowledge that St Mary’s has played a small part in this success story!

Congratulations to everyone involved, (especially Marie Mc Cartan for the wonderful photos above), we look forward to tonight’s programme and chatting about it tomorrow.

Children’s Mental Health Week – Day 3

Children’s Mental Health Week – Day 3

Last weekend’s “Big Garden Bird Watch”, gave us all plenty of opportunity here at St. Mary’s to get outside. Not only did we immerse ourselves in nature, we also expressed ourselves” through: creating bird feeders, taking photographs, drawing and recording what we saw!

We know why we spend time outdoors in nature:

  • It builds our confidence- The way we play in nature is more informal and less structured than most of our indoor play.
  • It promotes our creativity and imagination.  We can think more freely, design our own activities, and approach the world in inventive ways.
  • It teaches us responsibility. When we take care of the living parts of our environment we learn what happens when we forget to water a plant, or pull a flower out by its roots.
  • It provides us with different stimulation. We activate all our senses: we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch in outdoor environments.
  • It gets us moving. Interacting with nature involves more exercise than sitting on our couch!
  • It makes us think. The phenomena that occur naturally in our gardens and fields make us ask questions about the earth and the life that it supports.
  • It reduces our stress and helps our Mental Health. 

               So, what are you waiting for? Be like us and GET OUTSIDE!