This week Mrs. Murphy and most of Primary4/5 will be working from home as they are self-isolating. The pupils’ work-at-home packs, complete with a Google Classroom guidebook, are ready for collection. Siblings may take the packs home with them or parents can collect them from the front door during the hometime period 2 – 2.30pm tomorrow.  The 5 pupils who were absent last Tuesday, and who therefore do not have to isolate, only need their GC guidebook brought home, as they may return to class this Wednesday 14th October after the deep clean. All other pupils and their teacher are due back at school on Wednesday 21st October. Shortly after this date it is anticipated that Mrs Murphy’s P5s will celebrate their First Holy Communion. Fingers crossed it’s Third Time Lucky!!


As of today, 6/10/20, both First Holy Communion services scheduled for  the 10th and 17th October are still expected to take place. Naturally this is assessed on a daily basis as the health and well being of every pupil and member of staff is our paramount concern. We have no control over community transmission of Covid 19 but we are doing everything within our power to keep our school a safe place of learning.

To date one pupil and one staff member have tested positive for Coronavirus. A very small number of other staff and pupils are isolating at home under PHA regulations following “close contact” or negative results.

Fortunately, the one positive pupil was not at school for several days prior to showing symptoms and being tested. Accordingly, the PHA said their considerable absence from school ruled out the possibility of transmission. However staff took the precautionary measure of deep cleaning their classroom as well as toilets, cloakrooms and the Main Hall.

One member of staff, who had limited direct contact with a small number of pupils also tested positive at the weekend, again this followed an absence from school for a number of days. Under PHA guidance  the parents of those pupils involved were directly contacted yesterday and informed of the situation and are subsequently following the regulatory advice to self isolate.

Pupils and Staff have been and continue to work in “class bubbles”. They avoid entering other classrooms and are undertaking daily additional cleaning of their work areas. We have taken direction from the EA cleaning services and have had an onsite visit from their consultant cleaning officer who further advised on every aspect of contact management.

Some parents have informed us of the decision to keep their own children at home due to concerns over rising cases in the community, or indeed due to someone in the family testing positive and we thank them for keeping us fully aware of all developments.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected and we wish our pupils and colleagues a safe return to school when the full isolation period has been exceeded.

As yet, Primary 5 remains unaffected, and 44 children are pinning their hopes on two momentous occasions being able to take place very soon. We ask our patrons to keep assumptions and speculation at an all time low to spare these families undue stress on the lead up to these dates. Please keep checking our school website where information will be posted as soon as anything changes and /or contact  the school directly to speak to Miss Mulkerns or Mrs Murphy if you have further questions.

We will continue to keep the situation under daily review and update you if there are any changes in circumstances.

Stay safe, and help keep each other safe. We really are in this together.

Presentation to Fr Aidan

Presentation to Fr Aidan

Fr Aidan had some surprise visitors yesterday morning, when P6 and P6/7 walked up to the Parochial House to make a presentation on behalf of all the boys and girls at St Mary’s. They were particularly proud to present a beautiful collage of St Mary created using pictures from pupils across the school. Fr Aidan was absolutely delighted to receive it and we know he will spend many hours pouring over the pictures and the many messages included within.

A special mention to the group of P6 pupils who helped Master Mc Donnell put it all together, great work! Well done everyone.

P6 Outdoor Learning

A great start to Autumn for P6 who launched their Outdoor Learning Project!
Today, Sean, Raiens, Connor, Oisin and Lorcan painted the planters ready for planting vegetables and flowers. Thank you boys for your hard work and we look forward to watching the progress of P6’s project.


Calendar for the Year 2020/21

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please see our calendar of holidays for this school year 2020/21. Red, brown or blue indicate dates pupils are not in school, green indicates dates pupils are in attendance.

Next Monday, 5th of October pupils are not in attendance, this is an annual School Development Day.

I have attached the calendar below as a pdf for anyone wishing to print it off and keep. Can I remind those Parents who have not as yet given an email address to please do so, having current email addresses would allow us to complete email groups for distribution of this and similar information. If you don’t have an email address can you please let the Office Staff know.

Thank you

P Mc Donnell

Holidays 20-21


Goodbye Fr Aidan

The children were saddened at Assembly on Friday when Master Mc Donnell told them Fr. Aidan was leaving the Parish. They have been remembering all the events he has shared with them over his time in the Parish, recalling stories of the times they have meet for Mass, the Sacraments and his visits to school.

They remember him for putting them at ease, telling jokes and making Services meaningful for  them. To show our appreciation for everything he has done we would like to make a small presentation from the children, if you would like to contribute to this please send your donation in an envelope clearly marked “Donation”.

Thank you