Teddy Bears’ Picnic

This Friday, 17th of May we are having our Annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic, lunch for all classes. So, if you know any well behaved Teddy Bears who would like to come to school for the day, please bring them along. We are expecting good weather so make sure all Teddies and owners are suitably protected from the sun with a sun hat and sun-cream please!

STEM Ambassador Visit

Thank you to Liz, who visited P6/7 this afternoon as part of the STEM Ambassadors’ Programme. She spoke about her job as a Medical Rep, explaining how medicines are manufactured: the stages of development and different jobs involved in the process.

From Leonardo Da Vinci’s anatomical drawings of 500 years ago to patient specific treatments, P6/7 recognise that great advancements have been made in the field of medicine. Perhaps some of our class will be inspired to think of a career in Science or medicine and will make their own contribution to the development of medicine!

TIMSS Study 2019

Dear Parent,

Our school has been selected to take part in the TIMMS- (Trends in Mathematics and Science), Study 2019. This is an independent worldwide research study which takes place every 4 years in over 60 countries with pupils of 9-10 years, i.e. our P6 pupils.

It is extremely beneficial for pupils from Northern Ireland to take part as it directly influences education policy making here in Northern Ireland, as well as around the world.

All P6 pupils took home today a letter explaining in more detail about the study as well as a home questionnaire. Tomorrow, an independent Moderator will oversee administration of the assessments which consist of Maths and Science, multiple choice and open ended questions. The Moderator will also oversee and collect questionnaires to be completed by pupils.

Home questionnaires can be returned in the envelope provided and returned to the school for the Moderator to take away tomorrow.

Apologies for the short notification, but we only received the questionnaires and Parental letters by courier, over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

I thank you in advance for your support with this important study.

P Mulkerns

P6- Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition Trip

On Thursday 2nd of May, P6 Pupils visited The Ulster Museum, Belfast. The Museum had on loan an exhibition of 12 pieces of Leonardo da Vinci’s work to mark the 500th anniversary of his death… and amazingly we visited the exhibition on the exact date of his death!

Included in the exhibition were two of his most famous works- The Head of Saint Anne, made  around 1510 and an anatomical drawing from 1489, The Skull Sectioned. Sharon, the Museum Curator took us on a tour of the exhibition, explaining all about the pictures on display.

Local artist Anushiya Sundaralingam, demonstrated and directed pupils on using Leonardo’s techniques of: observation and creating light and shade. Pupils then created their own art works, unusually using no pencils, only sponges, foam straws and even pieces of vegetation.

For many of our P6’s it was there first ever trip to a Museum and we would like to thank the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, via the Royal Collections Trust for the funding, which made the trip possible.

Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Update

The Easter breaks sees the conclusion of a busy spell for our school football teams. There have been many matches and blitzes taking place this half-term and over forty girls and boys have experienced wearing the school jersey in a competitive fixture. We hope that the children continue to work hard in school training, at the club and at home with the aim of developing their skills and representing their club teams this summer and long into the future. Thanks to Mullaghbawn CLG for the use of their facilities for our games and also to Frank, Tracy and the senior players who continue to assist with after-school training on Thursdays.

P6 Archaeological Dig

P6 Archaeological Dig

Dear P6 Parent,

A reminder that tomorrow we are taking part in the Dorsey Archaeological Dig.

With regards to what to bring / wear:

We suggest pupils wear old clothes to school, we suggest they bring their school PE uniform in their school bags… if they get wet, they will then have something dry to change into when we get back to school.

We suggest lots of layers, as well as: hats, scarves and gloves, it is bitterly cold at present.

A waterproof coat is a must and if anyone has waterproof trousers we suggest they bring them.

Wellies or old shoes only please…whilst the site is pretty clean, with lots of footfall and wet weather it will quickly become churned up. A dry pair of runners and socks for changing back into on return to school would be a good idea also.

If the weather is truly horrendous there is a sizeable hut and alternative wet weather activities available, so we will be going even if the weather isn’t great.

Dinners/Lunches will be served before we leave at 11.30, we suggest everyone takes a break for later: a piece of fruit or a sandwich to carry with them in their coat pockets.

We are looking forward to learning lots about the work of archaeologists and more about the Dorsey itself.

Thank you

Miss Mulkerns + Miss Crawley

STEM Robotics Workshop



A huge thanks to David Pilkington from Sentinus for facilitating STEM workshops for all P6 and P7 pupils in school today. David, along with student teacher Mr Duffy, instructed the pupils on how to programme micro-bots to make their way around a course marked out on the floor. This helped to enhance their coding, mathematical, problem-solving and teamwork skills, as well as having lots of fun along the way.



Yesterday was Week 5, of a 6 Week PDMU Programme- (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding), for P6 pupils led by Alex from Burns Soccer School.

They have been having fun taking part in games and activities whilst exploring the following themes:

  1. Similarities and Differences
  2. Respect for self and others
  3. Sportsmanship
  4. Peer Influence
  5. Stereotypes and Prejudice
  6. Leadership and Diversity

Well done to everyone for taking part and expressing their thoughts and views on such important issues.


50/50 Winner

There was great excitement yesterday afternoon, when the winning ticket for our 50/50 Draw was pulled. One lucky P5 pupil went home with a cheque for £185, he’s pictured here with his brother joining in the celebrations and hoping to get a share of the winnings!

Next week is Week 4 and there’s still time to get tickets for a Jackpot we estimate will be £200+