Pupil Of the Week


Congratulations to all our “Pupils of the Week”, here are some of the reasons they received the awards this week:

  • For putting a great effort into his reading
  • For an improvement in behaviour and attitude to learning
  • For being a good friend
  • For being very kind and helpful
  • For completing the tasks set.

Well done everyone and keep up all the good work.

Pupil Of the Week


Well done to all our Pupils of the Week, they have been working hard on their high frequency words, multiplication tables, and spellings to name just a few of the reasons for their receiving awards this week. Keep up the good work everyone, there are only a few days left until the Easter Holidays. Yippee!!!

School breaks up at 12 o’ clock Thursday, please note there are no buses or dinners on that day.

Student of the Week

31-03-2017-1-pupil-of-weekWell done everyone! Our “Pupils of the Week” received their awards for many reasons, here’s just a few…

  • For demonstrating excellent mathematical strategies when counting change in our money topic.
  • For always completing homework to a high standard and putting 100% effort into his classwork
  • For making a big effort to complete more tasks on time.
  • For writing brilliant sentences on her whiteboard.
  • For making a fantastic effort in class in all areas of his work

Pupil of Week

3 feb 2017 Lots of hard work this week and as it was “National Story Telling Week” great to see so many received their awards for their Literacy Work. Listed below are some of the super things pupils have been up to this week and the reason why they were nominated!

  • For great listening this week and putting a lot of effort into her homework sentences.
  • For an excellent recount of the story of St. Brigid
  • For writing an excellent letter in Literacy
  • For settling into work promptly and contributing to the P7 workshops over the past two weeks.

Pupil of the Week

DSCN4307A big well done to all our “Pupils of the Week”, who received certificates at Assembly this morning. Here’s a list of some of the great things they have been doing:

  1. For working so hard and doing so well learning her high frequency words
  2. For showing empathy towards his friend who had fallen in the yard
  3. For making a great effort to ask questions and improve her understanding in Numeracy
  4. For working hard in class and always presenting homework to the high standard that is expected.

Keep up the good work everyone and remember our school motto:

“Never settle for less than your Best”


Pupil of the Week

Pupil of the Week 25/11/16
Pupil of the Week

Some of the reasons pupils received their awards this week:

-for great effort in learning his words and sounds

-for being kind to her classmates

- for putting a super effort into her sentences for homework

-for having a “Can do,” attitude towards his work

- for a great effort in learning her 8 times tables

-for showing great creativity in both storytelling and design work

Well done everyone!!