👏Sponsored Walk-Amount Raised to Date!👏

👏Sponsored Walk-Amount Raised to Date!👏

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

I wish to express sincere gratitude to you for the generousity you have demonstrated in assissting your child /children to raise funds for school through our Sponsored Walk event. Funding for schools is constantly under attack and does compromise our ability to make the best possible provision for pupils. Fund raising makes a real difference to what we can achieve, following last year’s event we were able to: convert our Staff Room into a “Sensory Room”, create a “Sensory Trail” along the Main Corridor, convert a store room into a “Nurture Room” and subsidise several school trips.

Given the “cost of living” circumstances we all find ourselves in, the sum of £2, 739 and 295.40 (to date), is a remarkable amount raised.

We hope to establish a dedicated play area with a wooden climbing frame for our younger pupils and to coninue to subsidise the cost of planned school trips.

Finally, we are always humbled and grateful for the presents and tokens, Staff of St Mary’s receive at Christmas time but maybe this year you might want to consider those who may be in more need.

Thanking you,

Peter McDonnell (Principal)

Anti Bullying Week 2022

Anti Bullying Week 2022

The Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum (NIABF) coordinates Anti-Bullying Week in Northern Ireland and have chosen the theme “REACH OUT” for Anti-Bullying Week 2022, which starts tomorrow Monday, 14th and runs to Friday 18th. 

The theme has been developed with the help of parents, teachers, children & young people from across the UK with the hope to encourage people to challenge bullying & create kinder communities

Click on the video link below to find out more about this year’s manifesto


Sponsored Walk + Odd Socks’ Day

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Weather permitting our Sponsored Walk will go ahead this Friday, 11th of November at 10:15 am.  This year to coincide with the launch of “Anti Bullying Week” (which takes place next week), we are asking everyone to wear “ODD SOCKS” for the Sponsored Walk. It’s a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week!

Routes are as follows:

P4-P7: will follow our traditional route- crossing outside the school onto the river walk, then the Tullymacrieve Road, Cranny Road, Lough Road, Glendesha Road, Forkhill Road and back via the River Walk to school. (Approx. 2.8 miles)

P1- P3:  will walk to the Football Club and back (approx, 1.6 miles).

Nursery: Our Nursery Class will walk through the Main School Yard, to Ti Chulainn Car park, then onto the Bog Road and back to school via the main school gates to Nursery.

Parents/Guardians are cordially invited to participate, (wearing Odd Socks of course!) We ask that you fall in and walk at the back of your child’s Class or Year group. Our P7 Year group will lead us all off  and the event should last approximately  1 hour.

Please be mindful of surface water on the roads and that footwear suitable for walking in wet conditions is necessary. Everyone should also bring a waterproof coat with a hood. 

We hope everyone has fun and that we raise lots of money, we ask that all sponsor money is returned by Friday 25th of November. Sponsor Cards were issued yesterday to the oldest family members.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell

Family Support Hub- Cost of Living Crisis Advice

Family Support Hub- Cost of Living Crisis Advice

The October edition of the Family Support Hub Newsletter has a special focus on the cost of living crisis. It is also packed full of information for parents/carers, early years, children & young people with a disability, mental health and wellbeing advice, Helplines and much more.

Download at the following link:    https://cypsp.hscni.net/download/391/family-support-hubs/39294/fsh-newsletter-oct2022.pdf

(Please Note: Newsletter will download directly to your device.  Look out for the pop-up box and click on open file when it appears).



Annual Sponsored Walk

Annual Sponsored Walk

Dear Parents/Guardians.

I am writing to ask you for your support with our upcoming fund rising event: Our Annual Sponsored Walk. This will take place on Friday, 11th of November, we were unable to run with it on our usual Friday before midterm,  due to our P7 Year Group’s invite to attend St Joseph’s High School’s Open Day.

The event as always will be an opportunity for our school community to come together and have some fun!  It will also importantly raise much needed school funds, something which we very much depend on. Funds raised will assist in the purchase of resources, as well as subsidising school trips and events.

Sponsor Cards we be issued to the oldest child in each family after mid term and we ask your support in assisting children in gathering sponsorship. All families that raise over £40 will be entered into a draw, for prizes of Smyths’ vouchers: 1x £100, 1x £50 and 2x £25 .

Details of arrangements on the day will be issued before the event.

Thank you for your assistance,

P Mc Donnell (Principal)

Hallowe’en Fancy Dress

Hallowe’en Fancy Dress

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I look forward to seeing our Pupils in fancy dress costume tomorrow, enjoying their last school day before the Mid term break.

As with previous years’ advice, I would ask you to consider outfits/costumes carefully and be mindful that some of our pupils are extremely sensitive. In past years a number of children have experienced distress with the appearance of “clown” costumes and other particularly gruesome outfits.

I would also ask you to remind all, of the dangers around bonfires and when handling sparklers and fireworks. Please also be mindful of the trauamtic effect the setting off, of fireworks can have on pets and farm animals.

Finally, please remind young people that Hallowe’en can be a stressful time for the senior members of our community. Noise and pranks can cause untold distress and all should be respectful of their property.

I wish everyone a Happy Hallowe’en and I look forward to the safe return of all pupils on Monday, 7th of November.

P Mc Donnell



Maths Week Ireland

Maths Week Ireland

The pupils of St. Mary’s are celebrating Maths Week Ireland by participating in lots of online activities and lessons both inside and outside of the classroom. On Friday 21st October, to conclude Maths Week there will be a Maths-themed non-uniform day for staff and pupils. We are looking forward to lots of creative and fun ideas with prizes to be won for the most inventive outfits!


Beginning of the Year Mass

We will celebrate the beginning of a new school year with Mass tomorrow, Wednesday, 27th of September @ 10 am in St Mary’s Church. This will be our first whole school Mass since September 2019 and we are really deligthed to be able to gather as a school community again.

As we will be walking over to the Chapel and there is the chance of rain please ensure everyone has a coat with them tomorrow.