Dear Parent/Guardian,

From next Monday, 21st September finishing times for our Primary School pupils ( P1 -P7 ), are as follows:

P1, P2 and P3- Class finishes @ 2.00 pm- Pick up between 2.00 and 2:15 

P4, P5 P6 and P7 Class finishes @ 2.30 pm – Pick up between 2:30 and 2:45 pm

(Pick up time for Nursery pupils remains at 1:30 pm.)

The staggered drop off and pick up system introduced on return to school in August, remains in place. A reminder that drop off and pick up points are based on the youngest family member for drop off or pick up at any particular time. This is particularly important at 2:30 pick up time, P1 and P2 classes will have already left so  no one will be leaving by the Main door at 2:30 pm.

Entry points are as follows:

Nursery – Car Park- for Nursery pupils and older siblings in morning

P1 +P2- Main Entrance- for P1 +P2 and older siblings

P3 +P4- Main Car park- for P3 and P4 and older siblings

P5, P6 + P7- Ti Chulainn for P5 + P6 + P7 and older siblings

We are available to receive people from 8:30 am. For those Parents who wish, we can facilitate a “One Pick Up” time at 2:00 pm for families with pupils in both the 2:00 and 2:30 pick up.

Pupils travelling by bus can be facilitated until bus time and we will continue to operate an After Schools Club until 4 pm for those parents who require this service.

Thank you for your co-operation, safety for everyone remains our main focus at this time,

P Mc Donnell





Reminder to Parents

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you to everyone who has returned their PHA Parental Consent Slip, (pictured above), can I ask anyone who has not, to please do so as soon as possible.

For the purpose of updating our contact details with email addresses, I invited all Parents to send a “test email” to me at the address below. Thank you to all those who have done this.  However, there are still a number of families for whom we have no email contact, can I ask you to supply this ASAP please .

Thank you for your co-operation with these matters,

P Mc Donnell (Principal)


Healthy Lunches

Dear Parent/Guardian,

See above information regarding a free Zoom Workshop for Parents/Guardians about Healthy Eating and in particular Healthy Lunch Box ideas for school children. This is free and there is no need to pre-register, further information is available on the Public Health Agency Social Media sites.

Here is a link to a useful booklet to download with ideas for packed lunches.


See also letter sent to school Principals, from Judith Hanvey, Regional Food in Schools Co-ordinator.

Kind Regards,

P Mulkerns

Below is a link to their website on which you will find a downloadable booklet with more information about Healthy Lunches.

P Mulkerns


Letter from Chief Medical Officer to Parents/Carers

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find attached links to the Department of Education NI website.  Here you can access a letter to Parents/Carers from the Chief Medical Officer, Michael Mc Bride, issued today Thursday, September 10th.

In addition there is also a useful leaflet outlining steps to take if your child or someone else in your household develops symptoms of Covid 19.

P Mc Donnell



Link to letter


Link to leaflet


Return to Full Attendance

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are attempting to move to a position of full, 5 day attendance for all pupils from Monday 14th September 2020. From 24th August we have been working to establish routines which enable us to manage the safe movement of children into school, during specific times of the school day and the exit procedure for home times. All of our actions are underpinned by recommended safe distancing and hygiene practices. The school will be able to receive people from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. The points of entry and exit established for your children remain in place. Children in the primary school who have younger siblings in Nursery can go home at 1.30 pm facilitating one Pick up time for parents.

For the week beginning Monday 14th, we aim to have all children picked up from school by 2 pm except for those who travel home by school bus at 3:10 pm and those booked into our After School Group up to 4 pm. We need to know how we can cope with full attendance for a full week with the staff that we have available before moving to a 3:10 pm in the weeks ahead. Many of our staff are contractually employed to 2 pm and this challenges our ability to have reduced class numbers after this time. However our ability to manage class numbers in the new context of full attendance will be achieved in the near future. I would like to stress that the accommodation of your children for the full school day, if that is what you need for work, will be gladly facilitated.

Finally, I wish to sincerely thank you for your support, patience and understanding during this time when we have had to be extra cautious in making preparations to best keep us all safe.

P Mc Donnell









Reminder Parents/Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian,

A reminder that at this time, no Parents/Visitors are allowed to enter the school grounds this is to maintain the integrity of the measures we have put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. If you need to relay a message, please make contact via phone with the Office Staff and if needed they will arrange a mutually suitable time for myself or the Class teacher to return your call.

Thank you for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell


School Dinners

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our school kitchen reopens tomorrow, Tuesday, 1st September. To allow for as much spacing and as little movement as possible, the following new procedures will be in place:

  1. Only those taking dinners will be allowed into the dining hall and will be seated in their Social/Class bubble. (Nursery Pupils will be served in their own classroom.)
  2. Pupils taking dinner must do so for the whole week, (or all days they are in school until we are operating a full week)
  3. Pupils will remain seated and dinner supervisors will bring dinners to the table.
  4. Kitchen and supervisory staff will be wearing visors and/or masks.
  5. Doors and windows will be open to allow as much ventilation as possible through the dining hall. 

Please check back to the website/social media channels for a post on the 21st of August for September’s menu. As far as possible the menu will remain unchanged but please be aware that from time to time changes have to be made, when deliveries don’t arrive on time.

Please note we are unaware of any change to the cost of school dinners, it remains we believe at £2.60/day for P1-P7 Pupils and £2.50/day for Nursery Pupils. Please place payment into a sealed envelope clearly marked with child’s/children’s names and classes, this should be given to the class teacher, parents and/or children are not permitted into the Office. 

Thank you for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell (Principal)