Nursery Virtual Nativity Play

Nursery Virtual Nativity Play

Family and Friends of St Mary’s Nursery,
We invite you to view our first virtual Nativity performance scheduled to premiere today at 5pm, using the following link.

last Friday we had The Late Late Toy Show but you ain’t seen nothing YET until you watch our Nursery superstars.

Covid 19 may have put a stop to a lot,  but our show must go on.
Time to get the treats in and enter into the festive spirit with these 3/4 year olds leading the way.

We hope you enjoy.

Elvis the Elf arrives to Primary 1

Elvis the Elf arrives to Primary 1

There was great excitement in Miss Murphy’s Primary 1 class this week. Master Mc Donnell said ‘a big red and white van left a special delivery for P1’. The boys and girls in P1 couldn’t believe it, inside was a letter from Santa explaining that he was leaving one of his special Elves ‘Elvis’ to keep watch on the class. We really hope Elvis doesn’t get up to any mischief over the next few weeks.

Christmas Dinner

Tomorrow’s dinner is a traditional turkey and ham dinner with all the trimmings! To help us all get into the festive mood, everyone, (whether dinner or lunch), is invited to wear their Christmas jumpers or dress in festive colours!

Pupils wishing to exchange Christmas Cards are permitted to do so within their own Class Bubbles.

We know and appreciate how much our pupils enjoy selecting and giving a gift to their teachers, classroom assistants and other members of staff, but in the current economic situation we know that many families are struggling financially and we ask therefore that the money which otherwise would be spent on presents be kept within the family for all those little extras and treats.

Assessments & Parent / Teacher Meetings

Dear Parents / Carers

I wish to inform you that assessments of pupils started in school last week with year 7 pupils being assessed first and year 1 last.

Assessment, which normally occurs during the spring/summer terms but for obvious reasons didn’t happen this year until now. Much of the assessment takes place online and it is only now that we have opened up the ICT suit to let this happen.

Once results have been gathered and analysed we will be in a better position to give you an informed report on your child’s / children’s academic performance.

We hope to be in a position by the end of January 2021 to begin having parent teacher meetings.

School Dinners

From this point on your child can have school dinners on any day that is desired. You do not have to register for school dinners for the week but only for the days you want.

P Mc Donnell


Anti-Bullying Week in Nursery

Our Nursery Class was busy last week exploring emotions through stories and activities. They were learning about how you can make others feel, through your actions. After listening to Mrs Byrne’s story, “The Problem with Problems” they all shared their problems with the magic fairy tree, which magically changes from red to green as it takes your worries away. Well done Nursery Class!

P7 Show Kindness and Unite Against Bullying.

Primary 7 placed a huge emphasis on “Anti-Bullying Week 2020”. As well as a video, (linked below), they had lots of great discussions, logged on to the KS2 “Virtual Assembly”, wrote poems and designed a new class display on the topic.

Anti-bullying Week may only come around once every year, but we must make a special effort to be kind each and every day. Some members of our P 7 class have shared their ideas of how to be kind in a short video. They will try to carry out these commitments and set a good example for the younger classes at St Mary’s.

Well done P7!


Day 5- Anti-Bullying Week

Day 5- Anti-Bullying Week

KS 2 classes marked the end of Anti-Bullying Week with a virtual assembly. Mr Mc Donnell led us in our morning prayers, afterwards Miss Mulkerns shared the “Anti-Bullying Alliance 2020 Assembly”. The power point is attached below if you would like to download and discuss with your child/children.

Anti-Bullying Week 2020 – Primary Assembly Powerport (1)

Attached also is a link to the Anti-Bullying Alliance website where you will find a section of information for parents and carers with links to organisations who help and support anyone, child or adult, who are suffering as a result of bullying.

Classes across the school have had a busy week working on activities and we will share more of these with you over the following days.