First Communion

First Communion

Best wishes to all our P4 Boys and Girls who make their First Holy Communion tomorrow, the whole school community is very proud of how you have prepared for this very special day.

For all your family and friends who would like to share the occasion with you, a link is given below to the live stream from St Mary’s Church. The link will be the same for both ceremonies.

P4 Sacrament of Reconciliation

It was a big day for our P4 pupils today as they received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Thank you to Fr. Emlyn for putting everyone at ease and to their teachers Miss Murphy and Miss Hughes for preparing them for this important occasion. A special well done to the boys and girls for their reverent and prayerful participation in the ceremony. The prayers of the whole school community are with you, as you now prepare for your First Holy Communion.

P4 Parents+Guardians

Dear P4 Parents/Guardians,

Please note the following dates and times, which have been confirmed with Fr Emlyn for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, (First Confession) and First Communion.

First Confession- Children will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, on Thursday, 13th May @ 11 am. Only pupils and teachers will be in attendance for the Ceremony. Children should wear full school uniform.

First Communion- First Communion will take place on Saturday, 22nd of May as follows:

Miss Hughes’s Group at 11 am 

Miss Murphy’s Group at 2 pm.

Each child can be accompanied by 2 guests.

We ask that you are in the chapel and seated 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Kind Regards,

Miss R Hughes & Miss C Murphy




Confirmation Ceremonies Link

Confirmation Ceremonies Link

Dear Friends of P7,

Please find the link to the webcam in St Mary’s Church, Mullaghbawn copied below.

Both Confirmation ceremonies will be live streamed through this link. The camera will be turned on just approaching 5pm each evening, to allow any family members who unfortunately are unable to attend due to restrictions, to view the ceremony from home.

We wish the P7 year group the very best of luck as they make their Confirmation this week and ask everyone connected with our school and wider parish community to keep them in their prayers at this time. The first group will be confirmed @5 pm this Tuesday (April 27th) and the second group being confirmed @5 pm on Thursday (April 29th), with both ceremonies taking place in St Mary’s Church,


Film Crew

This is “Tidy Ring of Gullion Week”  and all around the village,  people are cleaning up litter. Today whilst out doing their bit, our P6/7 class were filmed as part of a wider promotional film for the area organised by the Ring of Gullion. It was a great experience to work with a professional film crew. Watch out for “our stars” when the film goes out later in the year!

River Walk Posters

River Walk Posters

Have you been over the River Walk? Have you noticed some colorful posters with reminders about not littering? Have you been wondering what they are all about?

Well…they are the work of our talented and environmentally aware P6 and P6/7 classes who have combined learning about their town-lands with designing posters to remind everyone that littering is both an eyesore and a problem for our environment.

So why not take a stroll over the bridge and have a look, for yourself. It’s the perfect outdoor exhibition venue, but one with an important message whether you are in Mullaghbawn or Maphoner, Longfield or Shanroe or any other town land-

Take your litter home and put it in the bin!


Confirmation + Baptismal Certificates

Dear P7 Parent,

Before the Sacrament of Confirmation can take place we will need a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate,  if they were baptised in any Parish other than the Parish of Forkhill. 

If you don’t have a copy of the certificate please telephone the Parochial House of the Parish in which your child was baptised and arrange to collect a copy or have it scanned and emailed to you.

Please email either of us at the addresses below to let us know if you are in this position.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter,

Miss Mulkerns + Mr Mc Coy.