Dragon Daycare – the Nursery has a new pet 🐉🐉

Last weekend the Nursery class enjoyed an imagination story or as we call it in class, “a Story from your head”! It is a real favourite during our school week as we spin a wheel to see which children will feature in our story.  The fact there is no book to focus on really develops their listening skills and imagination skills.  Below I have included the link for our Imagination story.  The children’s follow-on task was to draw a picture of what our new pet dragon would look like.  It was great to see their finished work which they shared through Seesaw.  This project was particularly special because our partner eTwinning  school in Norway shared the story with their Kindergarten Class.  I was delighted when their teacher Mr Daniel forwarded some of the artwork his group produced.  We are currently engaging in eTwinning Meetings discussing the return to Nursery after the Pandemic, the Norwegian approach is extremely interesting and we will definitely be exploring some of their suggestions.
Updated story link – https://youtu.be/QxmZYm0Dd9w