P6/7 Trip to Faughart

P6/7 were one of two classes to visit St Brigid’s Shrine and Faughart Old Graveyard yesterday to mark St Brigid’s Day which fell on Tuesday. It was a great morning out visiting the birthplace of St Brigid and learning about not just St Brigid, but also the history of the area. There was even an opportunity for some Maths: learning about Roman Numerals when looking at the Stations of the Cross!

A big thank you to Una Walsh for meeting the Classes at Faughart Graveyard and talking to them  about local legends and traditions around St Brigid and the Graveyard Well. It was a wonderful opportunity for pupils to extend their learning around their Literacy topic, “Myths and Legends”, with a local story and one featuring a strong female character.

P6/7 will be using all the information they have gleaned to create their own websites about St Brigid over the coming weeks.

Photos from the 2nd group who visited, our P6 class to follow.