P7 End-of-Year Trip to Bluebell Lane

Primary 7 had a blast on their end-of-year trip to Bluebell Lane. After eating lunch, the year group departed school and made their way to Bluebell Lane by bike, having completed the final lesson of their Cycling Proficiency training earlier in the day.

After arrival, the children had a quick ice-cream break and were taken on a tour of the site, including a visit to the newly constructed iron-age Round House.

The first challenge of the day was a team tent-building challenge against the clock. Next up was an obstacle course, with some water pistols thrown in for good measure! The children then took part in some bush-craft activities which concluded with roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Padraig then ferried the children back up to the cottage in his quad train just in time for the evening barbeque. The children finished the day with some free time in the play park and a game of hide-and-seek around the trails of the site.

Many thanks to everyone at Bluebell Lane including Padraig, Sharon, John, Meabh & Conor for all that they did to ensure it was a day the children will never forget and a great final trip of primary school.