Pick up of Work Packs

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Teachers have been preparing homework packs and information for our Foundation and KS1 classes, (P1to P4.) these along with new exercise books for KS2 (P5 to P7) will be available for pick up in the Assembly Hall, tomorrow, 20th of March.

Please to protect your families and ours, observe the following protocol:

  • Times for pick up are staggered. We have 189 families to accommodate, the greatest number of oldest in families are in KS2, so please come at the time of your youngest child. We have put a lot of thought into this and we hope that this will keep numbers to as safe a level as possible, we know we can rely on your support in this.
  • When you come please pick up for all your children
  • Entrance will be by the front door of the school. The main school carpark will be open for parking.
  • Exit will be directly from the Assembly Hall to the carpark, via the door opening from the Assembly Hall.
  • We will be restricting the number entering the building at any one time, so you may be asked to wait.
  • Staff will be present to assist; but work is laid out on tables labelled by teacher’s name.
  • Please do not bring children, practise social distancing, i.e. keep 2 metres apart if waiting. Please be advised that this is not an opportunity to speak to any teacher about your child or the current situation. In the interests of health & safety you must enter and exit the hall as quickly as possible.
  • If you are unable to pick- up, please arrange for someone to do this for you.

Times: (Plan your visit on your youngest child)

P1- 9.30-10.15

P2+ P3- 10.30-11.15

P4 +P5 – 11.30-12.15

P6 +P7- 12.30-  1.15

Please continue to check the school website for updates.

On behalf of all the school staff, we wish all our families a safe confinement during your stay at home.

Peter Mc Donnell