World Nursery Rhyme Week

Dear Parents,
This week we are proudly supporting World Nursery Rhyme week. The tradition of young and old sharing Nursery Rhymes dates back too very long ago.  I’m sure we all have fond memories of our favourite Nursery Rhymes as children.  Sadly this experience is slowly fading away with more children not being exposed to the fun and educational worth a Nursery rhyme offers.

The importance and value of Nursery rhymes in language acquisition should not be underestimated.

Please join with us next week by enjoying Nursery Rhymes together in the home.  World Nursery Rhyme week focuses on a different Nursery Rhyme each day so we will be sharing resources and ideas for you to explore.

You could swap the news on the car radio for a Nursery Rhyme playlist and encourage all to join in ! The YouTube channel “Babybum” offers a wide range of visually pleasing Nursery rhymes which the children love.

We would love to see any photos you may have of enjoying Nursery Rhymes, please send them to me or upload to your class Seesaw or Google classrooms. The “Getting Ready to Learn” initiative has produced the following very informative leaflet.
Nursery Rhyme Leaflet

Many thanks for your interest.
P Byrne