This week Mrs. Murphy and most of Primary4/5 will be working from home as they are self-isolating. The pupils’ work-at-home packs, complete with a Google Classroom guidebook, are ready for collection. Siblings may take the packs home with them or parents can collect them from the front door during the hometime period 2 – 2.30pm tomorrow.  The 5 pupils who were absent last Tuesday, and who therefore do not have to isolate, only need their GC guidebook brought home, as they may return to class this Wednesday 14th October after the deep clean. All other pupils and their teacher are due back at school on Wednesday 21st October. Shortly after this date it is anticipated that Mrs Murphy’s P5s will celebrate their First Holy Communion. Fingers crossed it’s Third Time Lucky!!


As of today, 6/10/20, both First Holy Communion services scheduled for  the 10th and 17th October are still expected to take place. Naturally this is assessed on a daily basis as the health and well being of every pupil and member of staff is our paramount concern. We have no control over community transmission of Covid 19 but we are doing everything within our power to keep our school a safe place of learning.

To date one pupil and one staff member have tested positive for Coronavirus. A very small number of other staff and pupils are isolating at home under PHA regulations following “close contact” or negative results.

Fortunately, the one positive pupil was not at school for several days prior to showing symptoms and being tested. Accordingly, the PHA said their considerable absence from school ruled out the possibility of transmission. However staff took the precautionary measure of deep cleaning their classroom as well as toilets, cloakrooms and the Main Hall.

One member of staff, who had limited direct contact with a small number of pupils also tested positive at the weekend, again this followed an absence from school for a number of days. Under PHA guidance  the parents of those pupils involved were directly contacted yesterday and informed of the situation and are subsequently following the regulatory advice to self isolate.

Pupils and Staff have been and continue to work in “class bubbles”. They avoid entering other classrooms and are undertaking daily additional cleaning of their work areas. We have taken direction from the EA cleaning services and have had an onsite visit from their consultant cleaning officer who further advised on every aspect of contact management.

Some parents have informed us of the decision to keep their own children at home due to concerns over rising cases in the community, or indeed due to someone in the family testing positive and we thank them for keeping us fully aware of all developments.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected and we wish our pupils and colleagues a safe return to school when the full isolation period has been exceeded.

As yet, Primary 5 remains unaffected, and 44 children are pinning their hopes on two momentous occasions being able to take place very soon. We ask our patrons to keep assumptions and speculation at an all time low to spare these families undue stress on the lead up to these dates. Please keep checking our school website where information will be posted as soon as anything changes and /or contact  the school directly to speak to Miss Mulkerns or Mrs Murphy if you have further questions.

We will continue to keep the situation under daily review and update you if there are any changes in circumstances.

Stay safe, and help keep each other safe. We really are in this together.


The groups for First Holy Communion on Saturday 10th and Saturday 17th October have now been assigned. Please check the document attached here. Written confirmation will be sent out as soon as possible and details about the ceremony will follow. If you have any problems concerning your child’s sacramental date please contact Mrs. Orla Murphy by telephoning the school.


D.J. Declan’s Mood-boosting Post for Primary 4

Straight after playing a song request for Primary 4 this morning, Q Radio DJ Declan Wilson, took time out during his set, to broadcast a personal post for our pupils who should have made their 1st Holy Communion today. It was a unique and unexpected generous gesture from the big-hearted presenter, who went out of his way to give the children a great shout-out and special celebrity post. Declan – you’re a legend in Mullaghbawn!


P4 get a super Google Classroom Assistant.

Children in Primary 4 were delighted this week when Mrs Vikki Mc Parland joined them as their Google Assistant. Miss Vikki posts a positive thought for the pupils every day and invites them into the Chatterbox room for a little chat and some talking therapy. On Friday she hosted our 1st virtual BREAKTIME when lots of children joined at 11am for a good catch -up. We’re feeling so positive this week that we drew all our favourite characters and matched them with an important message for everyone. Stay safe and Stay happy!


All pupils can now have access to over 7000 free books online through the MyOn website and our Accelerated Reader pupils can log onto Renaissance Place and take free quizzes at home. Both sites must be navigated through the browser on our C2k Home Page. Contact your child’s teacher if you need C2k usernames and passwords.

Easy user guides and additional information are attached here as well as the links to both sites.







Its official! P4 are Newsdesk Vloggers.

Instead of Monday morning diary writing about their weekend news, this week Primary 4 created vlogs using the Flipgrid app for the first time.  Several entries were published by C2k Newsdesk and can be viewed in the Newsdesk Vloggers segment.



Accelerated Reader online books, quizzes and resources can be accessed from home and will be available FREE to our AR pupils from Wednesday 8th April. Full details and an Easy -user guide will be posted here next Tuesday. Thank you all for your patience while we resolve the connectivity issues. Special Thanks to Miss Mulkerns and parent Mrs Darby for communicating the initial problems. We should soon be up and reading again!

AR Readers