Surprise – “Graduation with a difference”

Surprise – “Graduation with a difference”

Dear family and friends of our Nursery,

Today was to be our Graduation Day but sadly we couldn’t host it in the way we had planned.  This amazing group of children will forever go down in the history of our school as the Nursery group that had to finish so abruptly because of the impact of the pandemic.  What a tale for them to tell future generations.  I know there was great disappointment about the Graduation not happening ……. well we couldn’t let that happen.   So as the saying goes, “Here’s one I’ve prepared earlier “, it is not the grand production we had envisaged but I’m sure you will enjoy it and agree that it is a true reflection of how happy and confident the children are in the setting.  The relaxed demeanour of the children you see in this video is often lost when they have to perform for an audience.   As adults we are disappointed about how the year ended, however  the children’s memories of  Nursery are not based on our last week together but rather a year of fun times, security and friendships.  Enjoy our “Graduation with a difference” .  On Tuesday 🤫  you will receive your child’s Graduation photo.  My sincere thanks for your understanding and messages of support this week.

Postponed Nursery Induction Day

Postponed Nursery Induction Day

For the Attention of the parents for our September intake.
Dear Parents,

As you may be aware the Nursery staff and pupils are isolating due to confirmed cases of Covid within this years group.  Following a risk assessment it is deemed safer to postpone Mondays planned induction meeting. You will shortly receive a letter clarifying how we will proceed with induction days.  Please share this news with any other Nursery parents who may not be on social media.   I know this is disappointing but we have to act in the best interest of the community.  Should you need any information or if you have any concerns please phone the school or contact me on
Thank you for your understanding.


Paula Byrne

Sports Day 2021

Sports Day Note

Dear Parent / Guardian,

This year, our traditional Sports Day event is going to be a little different. Each year group will be designated a specific day over the course of a “Sports Week” for their own Sports Day. The timetable for all year groups has been copied above. If you have difficulty viewing the timetable, please try clicking the link below it which will open a PDF version of this message. A hard copy will also be sent home with the eldest child in each family tomorrow (Thursday).

On their Sports Day, pupils should wear their tracksuit / shorts and bring a hat, sun cream and a bottle of water. Unfortunately, we cannot welcome any parents / guardians into the school this year for Sports Day, again due to the ongoing restrictions. Fingers crossed the weather remains in our favour as we move into next week.

Kind Regards, Mr McDonnell.

Nursery/P1 Places- September ’21

Dear Parent/Guardian.

If your child has been offered a place for either Nursery or P1 starting September 2021, please make contact with the school to confirm acceptance of your place. Please be aware that failure to do so could result in your child losing their place.

Contact details:

Telephone- 02830888351



St Patrick’s Day Greetings from our Nursery

St Patrick’s Day Greetings from our Nursery

Congratulations to our Nursery children for jumping back into school life with ease. It is a credit to these very young children that they have adapted so well to their long awaited  return to the classroom, such a demonstration of resilience.  🌟🌟 We are so proud of you all.  Enjoy our St Patrick’s Day video. Have a super St Patrick’s Day.

Back to School for Nursery, P1, P2 + P3

Back to School for Nursery, P1, P2 + P3

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I look forward to welcoming back pupils in the following Year Groups: Nursery, P1, P2 and  P3,  from this Monday, 8th March, for two weeks. To help keep everyone safe I ask that you read through the following procedures.

P Mc Donnell

Returning to school Procedures Mon 8th March

All of the previous routines that were in place before Christmas relating to: sanitising and washing hands, class bubbles, toileting, play activities and movement within the school and grounds will remain in place. In addition please note:

  1.  School buses to drop off and pick up as normal to begin with, but collection times may be revised when the demands of the secondary school have been established.
  2. Children to enter school at the same points as before lock down. Key-workers’ children to enter by the front door if they don’t have a sibling entering at another point.
  3. Children to exit from the same points as they entered school from.
  4. Breaks and Dinners will be at the normal times. School meals are available to all children who wish to avail of the service either though free school meals entitlement or by paying. This provision is also available for the supervised children of Key Workers.
  5. Pupils may use regular lunch bags, for packed lunches.
  6. We will continue to accommodate Key Workers’ children up to 3.30 pm. Younger siblings of these supervised children (and other pupils who need), can join with them after 2 pm when their classes end. Please arrange this in advance through the Office.
  7. Bus users may wait in school with the supervised children until the 3 pm pick-up. Please notify the Office if your child is to wait for a 3 pm bus.
  8. Supervised children who have been attending St Mary’s have been following the online activities/lessons posted by their respective teachers and this will continue to be the case. The use of personal devices, if available, would help to reduce the demand on school owned machines.
  9. If you haven’t already been using the supervision facility in St Mary’s and need a supervised place for your P4-7 child please contact us in advance on 028 -30888351 or email

Safer Internet Day – 9th February

Safer Internet Day – 9th February

Safer Internet Day 2021 “Together for a better Internet”

Each year in St Mary’s we recognise the importance of Safer Internet Day by hosting Parents’ and Pupils’ workshops.

So this year we are asking families to take time to explore the Internet Safety tab on our school website where you will find links to information and stories related to this year’s theme “Together for a better Internet”

And why not check out tomorrow’s C2K Newsdesk story line made famous by ex president Donald Trump “Fake News”