International Links- Nepal

International Links- Nepal

Neither lockdown nor COVID have stopped our International Work here at St Mary’s and tomorrow we have 2 classes linking up via a webinar with our Connecting Classrooms Nepalese Partner School, Jhapa Model School Damak.

Over the next number of Tuesday mornings each school will present and answer questions about their school and community. This is part of a wider project where we will share stories and legends from our different cultures and learn more about the stories’ heroes and heroines, villains and gods. Finally we will create a new story where a Nepalese character will feature in an Irish legend! What would happen if the Cailleach Bhearra met the Yeti????
(With the time difference involved we are starting at 9:15 in the morning P6 and P6/7 don’t be late!)

“Back from the Brink”

Photo by Marie Mc Cartan

We know many of our boys and girls enjoy walking on Slieve Gullion’s slopes and on their walks some have been lucky enough to have encountered a red squirrel. A lucky few, have been fortunate enough to meet the conversationalists whilst they have been out recording and monitoring the pine martin population. So, we thought you might all like to know about a documentary on tonight, Sunday 28th, of March @ 6:30 pm on RTE 1. The programme is called “Back from the  Brink”, and will feature some of the red squirrels and pine martins from Slieve Gullion in a documentary about conservation successes across Europe.

Over lock down in the coldest winter weather the “Ring of Gullion and Cooley, Red Squirrel Group” put out a call for donations to buy food (peanuts) for the squirrels.  A donation from our Erasmus funding on behalf of all the pupils and wider school community of St Mary’s was made. So, tonight we can all watch with pride in the knowledge that St Mary’s has played a small part in this success story!

Congratulations to everyone involved, (especially Marie Mc Cartan for the wonderful photos above), we look forward to tonight’s programme and chatting about it tomorrow.

P7 – An Hour of Code

P7 – An Hour of Code

This year W5 and Microsoft have teamed up to present, “An Hour of Code” Workshops to P7 classes across Northern Ireland. For our P7 Pupils, this will take place this Thursday, 11th March @ 11 am.  A link will be sent on the morning, via Google Classrooms for Collaborate Ultra.

Tomorrow, in preparation materials necessary for the Workshop will be sent via Google Classroom to all P7’s. These can be printed off or a rough sketch made of the 2 worksheets needed. Access to a copy of the “Global Sustainable Goals” as shown in the image below is also necessary, as pupils will refer to it during the Workshop.

During the Workshop, pupils will 1. act like coders and 2. develop new skills and concepts including:

  • how to think computationally,
  • how to break down problems,
  • how to develop structured solutions and
  • how to design new ideas

In addition they will focus on the following concepts:

  • Coding
  • Algorithms
  • Bugs and debugging
  • Sequencing and loops
  • Decomposition
  • Pattern recognition and
  • Abstraction.

The activities will be linked to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development shown below.

We are really excited by this opportunity and look forward to seeing all our P7’s on Thursday

Miss Mulkerns +Mr Mc Coy

Dragon Daycare – the Nursery has a new pet 🐉🐉

Dragon Daycare – the Nursery has a new pet 🐉🐉

Last weekend the Nursery class enjoyed an imagination story or as we call it in class, “a Story from your head”! It is a real favourite during our school week as we spin a wheel to see which children will feature in our story.  The fact there is no book to focus on really develops their listening skills and imagination skills.  Below I have included the link for our Imagination story.  The children’s follow-on task was to draw a picture of what our new pet dragon would look like.  It was great to see their finished work which they shared through Seesaw.  This project was particularly special because our partner eTwinning  school in Norway shared the story with their Kindergarten Class.  I was delighted when their teacher Mr Daniel forwarded some of the artwork his group produced.  We are currently engaging in eTwinning Meetings discussing the return to Nursery after the Pandemic, the Norwegian approach is extremely interesting and we will definitely be exploring some of their suggestions.
Updated story link –

Help!!! Please

Help!!! Please




Dear Parents, Guardians, Past Pupils, Friends of St Mary’s,

Before closure we were working on a joint Art/Music/Dance Project, with our Erasmus + partner schools. Each school/country inspired and challenged the others with a piece of music, a dance or song, to create their own versions of the chosen piece.

As we can’t under the current circumstances complete the work we are asking all our musical, creative, dancing families, (and we know we have plenty of those, we’ve seen the videos 😉), to come up with their own versions of this catchy song sent by our French partners, “L’amour à la française”, and send them to us. 

We hope to make a compilation of all the pieces, so it can simply be: a musical version, a chorus of the song or a section of the dance, even recreate the running scene in front of a Mullaghabawn landmark, be as creative as you want and involve the whole family!

We would be eternally grateful as it will enable us to fulfill our obligations and complete the project… and it might be good fun!

The clips to the original song are attached below, when you have completed your piece email us and we will organise a way for you to share your work with us.

Thank you and have fun,

Miss Crawley-

Miss Mulkerns-   -Voici le clip de la chanson des Fatals Picards à l’Eurovision     (Words only at this link)


Connecting Classrooms- Nepal

Connecting Classrooms- Nepal


Just because we are not in school does not mean or “Global Learning” has to stop. The boys and girls from our partner school, Jhapa Model English School, Damak, Nepal have shared photos with us of what they’ve been up to since school has been out. Like us they are using Google Classroom and Video Conferencing to continue their learning and when not in their virtual classrooms they are helping out at home, with the household chores. We’re sure all our St Mary’s boys and girls can identify. Thank you JMES for the photos.

Nepal- Connecting Classrooms

Over mid-term Miss Crawley and Miss Mulkerns travelled to Damak, Nepal as part of our British Council, “Connecting Classrooms” Project. We would like to thank our host school, Jhapa Model English School, for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to our teachers. They were welcomed with traditional dance and presentations given by pupils, staff and the wider school community.

The focus of the Project are the 17, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and in particular Goals 4: Quality Education and Goal 5: Gender Equality.

We were delighted to send a Mini-Sphero and Maze Map as gifts to our host school. Miss Crawley and Miss Mulkerns demonstrated to pupils and staff how coding could  be used to develop thinking skills and creativity across the curriculum. The specially produced Maze Map has 10 embedded QR Codes, each of which uploads work completed on the project by each of the 10 Northern Ireland Schools, including our own.

In particular, we were delighted this year to have two local schools join us in our Cluster: St Patrick’s Primary School, and St Joseph’s High School, both Crossmaglen.

We were also delighted to have two past pupils travel to Nepal: Miss Olivia Mc Cann, St. Mary’s High School Newry, and Mrs Eimear Donnelly, St. Joseph’s High School, Crossmaglen.

Other schools in our Cluster group are:

St. Teresa’s P.S. Glen Rd, Belfast,

Holy Rosary P.S. Sunnyside Crescent, Belfast

Lowwood P.S. Sheringhurst Park, Belfast

Assumption Grammar School, Ballynahinch

St. Mary’s High School, Newry

St. Oliver Plunket’s P.S. Beragh, Co. Tyrone

St. Patrick’s P.S. Mullanaskea, Co. Fermanagh



Safer Internet Day 2020

Monday 10th February,

@ 7.00 pm

St. Mary’s Primary School

To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2020, we would like to invite all Parents / Guardians to this free workshop where you will learn about:

* Internet Browser security*

*Safe searching*

*Internet filters*

*Social networking*


*”Hot” websites that may cause concern*

This year’s theme is:

‘Safer Internet Day: Free to be me – exploring identity online.’  

So we are strongly recommending all Parents / Guardians to come along Monday night to explore ways in which we can help our young people to manage their online identity.

We are confident you will find the workshop very useful and informative.