Palm Sunday

Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week. As we aren’t in school to hear the story of Palm Sunday, we thought you might like to listen to the story of “Dan the Donkey”.

Dan is the youngest and smallest donkey in the field where he lives. He’s teased by the other donkeys, especially when he reveals his big dreams for the future.

But one day Dan’s dreams come true, he is chosen…

To find out more click on the link below to the BBC Schools’ Radio Page watch and listen.

We’d love to see Palm Sunday pictures, from all our boys and girls, so get busy draw your pictures, take a photograph of them and email them to your teacher or to Miss Mulkerns at her address: Be sure to include your names and classes in your emails please.

This is an ideal opportunity for our KS2 Pupils, (P5+P6+P7), to try out their own school email addresses, as their teachers have been encouraging them this week. All they need to do is to log into their MySchool Account, look for “Microsoft 365” on the Launch Pad, click on it and then on “Outlook”. Click on “New Message”, type in your teacher’s address at the “To”. The”attach” button on the tab at the top allows you to search for a picture stored in your computer files. When attached hit “Send”

We look forward to seeing your work.

Miss Mulkerns

Pancake Tuesday

Today is one of our favourite days of the year, Pancake Tuesday! We want everyone to enjoy their pancakes before Lent begins tomorrow, but a reminder, we have pupils with life threatening allergies, specifically to nuts and kiwi. So if you are having a Pancake for break or lunch today remember, no Nutella or similar spreads please. Please note this applies to any snacks with Nutella or similar fillings. Thank you for your continual cooperation on this matter.


Foundation Stage Nativity Hoedown

A huge congratulations to all the stars of Monday nights ‘Prickly Hay Nativity Hoedown’.  Many thanks to all our family and friends for coming along to our show and making it such a special night.  Thanks to your generosity we are a step closer to purchasing our climbing frame so watch this space!!!!  Finally a big thanks to Martina Crilly of Creative Designs and Ti Chulainn for all their help in preparing for our nativity.

Merry Christmas from all in P1 and P2

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

P6 were busy this week making individual Nativity Scenes which we’re sure will take pride of place in their homes this Christmas. Lots of new skills were gained through their construction and they were decorated and embellished displaying great flair and individuality. Well done to everyone on their hard work, hopefully they made the journey home in one piece.

We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

From P6 and Miss Mulkerns

A Busy Week…


Another busy few days ahead for pupils and staff, before well deserved holidays on Friday… Here are a few key dates and times.

Monday, 16th December:

P1/2 Nativity Play- “Prickly Hay Nativity Hoedown” in Ti Chulainn @7.30 pm. All P1 and P2 pupils taking part to be in Ti Chulainn for 7 pm on the night.

Christmas Party Dinner- party food is on the menu at dinner and everyone can wear party/festive clothes if they wish. There will be a free raffle for all those taking dinner with prizes kindly donated by the kitchen staff.

Tuesday, 17th December:

P1/P2 Pupils’ Trip to Bluebell Lane, Santa Experience. Leaving school at 9.40 am they will return in time for school dinners. Festive wear is the order of the day: Christmas jumpers, Santa hats, but remember to wrap up well, a coat, scarf, gloves, an extra pair of socks and wellies would be recommended.

P3/4 Nativity Play- “An Irish Barnyard Christmas” @ 7.30 pm in St. Mary’s School Assembly Hall. Join P3 and P4 pupils as they tell a tale of an Irish Christmas, long ago.

Wednesday, 18th December:

P5’s turn this time, with their Nativity, “Peace on Earth”@ 10.30 am and again at 7.00 pm in St. Mary’s Church. All are welcome to come along and join with P5 as they tell the story of Christmas, but with a few updates of course! 

Thursday, 19th December:

Nursery Trip- our Nursery Class are off to visit Santa- pupils will need to bring a packed lunch.

Hospice Presentation: Over the past weeks we have been collecting for the Southern Area and Children’s Hospices in memory of our former V.P. friend and colleague Mrs Anne Murphy, we hope to make the presentation on Thursday. We will let you know our final tally at that time.

St. Vincent de Paul- KS2 classes: P5, P5/6, P6 and P7 have also been collecting for St. Vincent de Paul and we will be purchasing gift vouchers for shops such as O’ Neill’s.  The young people who receive these vouchers as their Christmas Presents, will then be able to choose sport’s wear of their choice.  We hope also to have these ready to hand over on Thursday. We have asked each KS 2 child to make a small donation from their own money towards this worthy cause.

Friday, 21st December:


We will be closing at 11.30 on Friday, for our Christmas Holidays for a well- deserved rest for pupils and staff alike.

A big thank you to all our Parents and Friends of St. Mary’s for your support over what has been a busy term and in advance for your support at our many events this week. We hope you enjoy each and every performance and that they bring the true meaning of Christmas to life for everyone. 

A very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year to all, from the Pupils and Staff of St. Mary’s.