50/50 Draw


The first of our weekly 50/50 draws takes place this Friday, 23rd of February. The draw costs £1/week with half the proceeds going towards the weekly prize and the other half into school funds. The more tickets sold the greater the prize! Tickets went home before the mid-term break, if they haven’t appeared have a look in school bags or call into the Office for more.

Friends, family and associates far and wide can enter, just make sure to fill out a contact name and number in case they are one of our lucky winners.

We appreciate it can be tiresome selling tickets, but the money raised in recent years has helped with the refurbishment of our ICT Room and the purchase of I Pads. This year the money will help with the purchase of a Math’s Resource called “Numicon” and the digitalising of our Central and Class Libraries in preparation for a programme called “Accelerated Reading”.

We thank you in advance for your support and wish you good luck!