Artist Workshops

It was a busy week in P7  amongst everything else that was going on it was Catholic School’s Week. The theme this year was “Laudato Si” a message from Pope Francis asking us to care for and respect our environment. You can watch an animation of the message at the link below.

On Wednesday afternoon we took a walk around the village and were horrified at the amount of litter: everything from coke cans and crisp packets, to alcohol bottles and cigarette butts. We also noted graffiti, broken benches, dog fouling, bins without bags…the list was quite extensive. We will be working on ways that we can help to clean up as part of our “Eco Schools” Work.

On Thursday and Friday we had local artist Tracey Mc Verry for workshops with both classes. We discussed our local rivers and lakes and how they could be improved and used for the enjoyment of everyone in the community. We took loads of pictures…we hope you enjoy them!