P7 Parents/Guardians

Dear P7 Parents/Guardians,

We are delighted to offer our P7 Pupils and Parents the opportunity to take part in the programme,

“Transition to Secondary” 

As well as addressing the issues outlined in the image above the programme also offers lots of practical advice and tips for helping your child make a happy transition to their Secondary School.

The Programme is led by REIM Training Solutions and is delivered in 2 parts as follows:

  1. Parent/Pupil Workshop: Wednesday, 12th May @ 7 pm. This will be delivered online through Collaborate Ultra, a link will be placed into your child’s Google Classroom on the evening of the Workshop.
  2.  Pupil workshop: This will take place in school on Thursday, 13th of May 

We look forward to welcoming you and your child on Wednesday, 12th @ 7 pm.

Kind Regards,

Miss Mulkerns + Mr Mc Coy.

P4 Parents+Guardians

Dear P4 Parents/Guardians,

Please note the following dates and times, which have been confirmed with Fr Emlyn for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, (First Confession) and First Communion.

First Confession- Children will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, on Thursday, 13th May @ 11 am. Only pupils and teachers will be in attendance for the Ceremony. Children should wear full school uniform.

First Communion- First Communion will take place on Saturday, 22nd of May as follows:

Miss Hughes’s Group at 11 am 

Miss Murphy’s Group at 2 pm.

Each child can be accompanied by 2 guests.

We ask that you are in the chapel and seated 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.

Kind Regards,

Miss R Hughes & Miss C Murphy




The May Tree

This week Primary 5 have been learning about “The Celts,” with help from Una Walsh. They completed art work that they hung this morning on the May Tree outside the Community Centre. This is to highlight the Celtic “Bealtaine” season that starts tomorrow, 1st May.

We would like to thank Una for her time this morning and the online collab on Wednesday where she spoke to the children about Celtic history, particularly in South Armagh. The children learnt so much about the history of this unique area from her and they can’t wait to visit Mullaghbawn’s very own Celtic Roundhouse at Bluebell Glamping when it opens back up.


School Funds

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We have been given the opportunity by the Company “Exemplar Education” to raise much needed school funds. All that is required is for Parents/Guardians to reply to the Company at the link below, there is NO obligation to sign up and we will receive an amount for each reply. We have only 24 hours to get as many replies as possible and are asking your help, see the email below from Exemplar.

Thank you,

P Mc Donnell


Dear Parent,

Exemplar Education are a private tuition company that help school aged children with their Maths & English studies.  For more information click HERE

Confirmation Ceremonies Link

Confirmation Ceremonies Link

Dear Friends of P7,

Please find the link to the webcam in St Mary’s Church, Mullaghbawn copied below.

Both Confirmation ceremonies will be live streamed through this link. The camera will be turned on just approaching 5pm each evening, to allow any family members who unfortunately are unable to attend due to restrictions, to view the ceremony from home.


We wish the P7 year group the very best of luck as they make their Confirmation this week and ask everyone connected with our school and wider parish community to keep them in their prayers at this time. The first group will be confirmed @5 pm this Tuesday (April 27th) and the second group being confirmed @5 pm on Thursday (April 29th), with both ceremonies taking place in St Mary’s Church,


School Photographer

School Photographer

The School Photographer will be in attendance on:

Friday 30th April and Thursday 20th May.

 Photographs will be taken in Ti-Chulainn Centre from 9.30 am


 Friday 30th April-                   Nursery, P1, P2, P3 and P3/4 classes only

Thursday 20th May–          P4/5, P5, P6, P6/7 and P7 classes only

International Links- Nepal

International Links- Nepal

Neither lockdown nor COVID have stopped our International Work here at St Mary’s and tomorrow we have 2 classes linking up via a webinar with our Connecting Classrooms Nepalese Partner School, Jhapa Model School Damak.

Over the next number of Tuesday mornings each school will present and answer questions about their school and community. This is part of a wider project where we will share stories and legends from our different cultures and learn more about the stories’ heroes and heroines, villains and gods. Finally we will create a new story where a Nepalese character will feature in an Irish legend! What would happen if the Cailleach Bhearra met the Yeti????
(With the time difference involved we are starting at 9:15 in the morning P6 and P6/7 don’t be late!)