Thank you Spar Mullaghbawn

Thank you Spar Mullaghbawn

Last week the Nursery walked over to the local Post Office in Spar to post a very important letter to the North Pole.  Our sincere thanks to Grainne and Co for their warm welcome and for very kindly giving each child a selection box , the children were delighted.  The speed of the postal service was extraordinarily fast because when we returned to the Nursery the presents we had asked for from Santa had magically appeared under the tree.  This surprise caused huge excitement, our thanks to those that made the purchase of the toys possible.  We look forward to lots of fun in the New Year with our new resources.

Nursery Nativity ‘21 🎄

Nursery Nativity ‘21 🎄

Dear Family and friends of  the Nursery,

Christmas would not be Christmas without our annual Nursery Nativity play.  We  have gone virtual for a second year now, we really hope you enjoy the performance as much as we enjoyed making it .  Congratulations to our three and four year old superstars, we are very proud of you and your hard work.

Anti-Bullying Week/ Odd Socks’ Day

Anti- Bullying Week takes place next week: Mon. 15th – Fri. 19th November.

 With the isolation of the last year we are all too aware of how “little acts of kindness and consideration” can break down barriers and brighten the lives of those around us. So, whether at home or in school, we hope the whole school community will get involved over the week with ” One Kind Word”, the theme of this year’s event.

On Monday we will kick off our week’s activities with, “Odd Socks’ Day”  so on Monday remember to don those odd socks, the crazier the mismatch of colours and patterns the better!

We are all different… all unique… BE KIND.!!!

Sponsored Walk

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our “Hallowe’en Sponsored Walk” is due to take place this Friday, 22nd of October at 10:15 am, (weather permitting). Routes are as follows:

P4-P7: will follow our traditional route- crossing outside the school onto the river walk, then the Tullymacrieve Road, Cranny Road, Lough Road, Glendesha Road, Forkhill Road and back via the River Walk to school. (Approx. 2.8 miles)

P1- P3:  will walk to the Football Club and back (approx, 1.6 miles).

Nursery: Our Nursery Class will walk through the Main School Yard, to Ti Chulainn Car park, then onto the Bog Road and back to school via the main school gates to Nursery.

Parents/Guardians are cordially invited to participate, we ask that you fall in and walk at the back of your child’s Class or Year group. Our P7 Year group will lead us all off  and the event should last approximately 1 hour.

First dinner sitting is on return at 11:30 am. On the day dinner will be a favourite…”pizza and chips” This will be served as a “take away bag” to facilitate any Parent wishing to take their child/children home on completion of the walk. Please let the class teacher know in advance if you wish to do this and dinners can be bagged up and ready. 

We know that “sensible” footwear may not be in keeping with some of the costumes planned but, please be mindful of surface water on the roads and that footwear suitable for walking is necessary. Everyone should also bring a waterproof coat with a hood. 

Finally, we have a number of children with a particular fear of clowns, so please NO CLOWN COSTUMES. 

We hope everyone has fun and that we raise lots of money, this can be returned after the mid-term break.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation,

P Mc Donnell