Confirmation & Outdoor Pursuits


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There will be photos in local press next week

We had a wonderful evening in St Oliver Plunkett’s Church, Forkhill for the celebration of Confirmation. Archbishop Eamon Martin was the celebrant and paid tribute to the children making their Confirmation. Congratulations to all the boys and girls.

Thanks to everyone for helping to ensure the event was a success: Mrs Murphy & Mrs McCann for coordinating the music; Aidan Hill & Ann McDonnell for preparing the church; the altar servers who came from the three churches in the parish and the choir who were made up of pupils from the two schools in the parish. Thanks also to the parents, sponsors and wider family members who were reverend throughout the service and also assisted in preparing the children for this special event.



Below is a copy of the note sent home regarding the Carlingford Trip

  • School as normal for P7 on Monday until 2 pm, at which time they should go home and have dinner to be back at the school for 5 pm.
  • Please bring only old clothes which you don’t mind getting, dirtied, torn, etc.
  • Please pack the bag with your child so they know what clothes etc. they have with them. Get them to prepare a check list so they can repack for home, to ensure they have all their belongings. Below is a list provided by Carlingford Adventure Centre, of some items that they suggest your children will need to bring with them.
    • track suit tops, bottoms & socks * at least one change day * jeans are not suitable *
    • fleeces
    • 2x trainers (one old pair for water sports)
    • a waterproof jacket
    • swim wear & plastic bags to store wet swim wear & towels
    • toiletries, sun cream & towels
    • small ruck sack / backpack for activities


  • All specialist gear required is provided by the centre. For example wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets.
  • All medications (including inhalers), need to be handed to the teacher in a clearly labelled bag / box with written instructions as to how often it is to be administered and the dosage required.
  • We will not be contacting you unless there is a problem so please take “no news as good news.” If we get internet coverage we will post pictures to the school website / facebook page, so that you can follow our adventures.
  • Please speak to your child about behaviour. It should not be excessively noisy or disruptive, especially at night. We have a number of children with illnesses, for whom a good night’s sleep is essential for their well-being and we cannot allow this to be disrupted.
  • Pupils must listen to instructors and teachers and follow their instructions at all times. It is for their own safety. Under no circumstances are pupils allowed to leave the centre without permission from teachers. Any breaches of behaviour or rules and you will be contacted to collect your child.
  • Pupils may bring a small amount of sweets, crisps, treats etc.
  • Depending on the weather we may take a walk into the town in the evenings and stop off at the chippy or ice cream shop, so pupils may bring money but no more than Eur10.
  • No phones, iPads, cameras, etc. are allowed, as we will be sharing the centre with other groups we cannot take responsibility for valuables. We will bring a school camera and we will take photos to share afterwards.
  • We will be back to school shortly after 5pm on Wednesday.

It’s an exciting time of the year. We hope that the children thoroughly enjoy this trip and that it will provide them with memories to last them a lifetime.