Cross Country 2015

St Mary’s enjoyed an extremely successful day out at the Cross Country event in Kilbroney Park. In the team events we had six teams who were placed in the top three. P6 girls & P7 boys both came first, P4 boys & P4 girls both came second and P5 girls & P6 boys both came third, in their respective categories. A remarkable achievement. Individually, our pupils also performed well. In total, fourteen children secured top 10 finishes and five children got onto the podium for finishing in the top 5. Most importantly however, all children enjoyed themselves, despite the inclement weather. It is also worth noting that every child from P4 – P7 put in a great effort training throughout the month of May and can be very proud of themselves.

P4 Girls (2nd place)
P4 Girls (2nd place)
P4 boys (2nd place)
P4 boys (2nd place), Jamie McParland missing
P5 Girls (3rd place)
P5 Girls (3rd place)
P5 Boys (6th place)
P5 Boys (6th place)
P6 Girls (1st)
P6 Girls (1st place)
P6 Boys (3rd)
P6 Boys (3rd place)
P7 Boys (1st)
P7 Boys (1st place)
P7 Girls (1st)
P7 Girls (1st place)
2nd place - P7 Boys
2nd place – P7 Boys
3rd Place - P7 Boys
3rd Place – P7 Boys
5th Place - P7 Boys
5th Place – P7 Boys
5th Place - P6 Girls
5th Place – P6 Girls
3rd Place - P5 Boys
3rd Place – P5 Boys