February Newsletter

Monthly topics:

Animals, Colour: Purple

January was an exciting month in the Nursery with the “Snow day “. The class had super fun outside building our very own “Olaf”. Picture below. This month’s topic is animals. We will be talking about different animals and their habitats. We will also be examining patterns in the animal world. We plan to transform the quiet room into an imaginative play jungle. We will be sharing stories on farm, pet and Zoo animals. This month’s colour is purple. It is very important to constantly revise all colours with your child. We are planning to introduce “Show and tell” to our Nursery day. Many of you are probably familiar with this concept as it is quite popular on a lot of children’s shows and some of the older classes also do it. Every Friday we ask your child to take something into school from home which they find fun and interesting. The child during circle time shows the class what they brought in and talks about it. The idea behind this is to build confidence and help develop speaking out skills. The children really enjoy the experience. Please give some consideration as to what is practical for your child to take into class. We strongly discourage expensive items or items of sentimental value. All items should be clearly labeled with your child’s name. Please could you check that your child has their name marked on all personal belongings and that they have a spare change of clothes and wellington boots in class.

Kids pic 1

Ongoing construction work:

Within the next few days construction work is due to start with the installation of four state of the art new mobile classrooms in the main school. This will have implications on our Nursery green area. The plans indicate that we will lose some of the garden area but hopefully gain more as Mr Tierney’s mobile is being removed. It will be a period of disruption and for this we apologise . We will endeavor to make the most of the area available and ensure the safety of your children is our paramount concern.   We are looking for volunteers to help us prepare the outdoor area for Spring. Our first priority is to clean up our existing space which involves the removal of unwanted toys and hazardous objects. If anyone has a van and would have time to do a run to the dump we would very much appreciate this. The next job we intend to tackle is the maintenance of our wild willow hut. The children really love this area and it is a very special area of learning but as you can see it is badly in need of attention. Once again if you have the time/tools to help out please let us know. Finally when the snow/frost decides to leave us we invite you and your child to take in a small flowering plant to plant together to add a touch of colour and cheer to the area Towards the end of the month or even March is probably best for this. A lot will depend on the construction work.

Fundraising update

As you are aware the whole school is involved in an ambitious ICT fundraising project. I attended the meeting for parents and have got the role of PR, so I welcome your ideas and input. If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to ask. The response to the “Come dine with me” evening has been fantastic to date and it promises to be a great night. There are still a few places left to host a dinner party so if you are interested please let me know. Other fundraisers coming up include the 50/50 draw which will run throughout lent. The eldest child in each house will receive details of this project. Also parent and local fitness instructor Deirdre Grant of “Slieve Gullion fitness” has offered to raise funds for ICT by running a bus to the Flora Dublin ladies mini-marathon on the 1/6/15.   For further information please contact Deirdre through her Facebook page or phone the school.

Mathematical measuring fun

Mathematical fun1