P5 Trip

P5 finally got to go on their trip after it was cancelled earlier this month due to the snow. They visited St. Brigid’s Shrine at Faughart, as we celebrated St. Brigid’s Day on the 1st of February, we saw the first signs of Spring with daffodils blooming along the stream banks.
We said a prayer for everyone and blessed ourselves with water from the stream.
We learned that St. Brigid lived around 500 AD and later we travelled onto Kilnasaggart were we saw the earliest dateable Christian stone in Ireland. It has an inscription in an ancient script which we couldn’t read and many crosses engraved on its surface.
We then walked the short distance to Moyry Castle which was used to guard the Gap O’ The North, the main roadway between North and South.
Inside we saw were the different floors would have been and the remains of the chimney.
We looked out through the defence openings they were very small and someone was looking back at us! Do you recognise who?