P6 Archaeological Dig

Dear P6 Parent,

A reminder that tomorrow we are taking part in the Dorsey Archaeological Dig.

With regards to what to bring / wear:

We suggest pupils wear old clothes to school, we suggest they bring their school PE uniform in their school bags… if they get wet, they will then have something dry to change into when we get back to school.

We suggest lots of layers, as well as: hats, scarves and gloves, it is bitterly cold at present.

A waterproof coat is a must and if anyone has waterproof trousers we suggest they bring them.

Wellies or old shoes only please…whilst the site is pretty clean, with lots of footfall and wet weather it will quickly become churned up. A dry pair of runners and socks for changing back into on return to school would be a good idea also.

If the weather is truly horrendous there is a sizeable hut and alternative wet weather activities available, so we will be going even if the weather isn’t great.

Dinners/Lunches will be served before we leave at 11.30, we suggest everyone takes a break for later: a piece of fruit or a sandwich to carry with them in their coat pockets.

We are looking forward to learning lots about the work of archaeologists and more about the Dorsey itself.

Thank you

Miss Mulkerns + Miss Crawley