P6 Parents

St Josephs School

Dear Parent/ Guardian

A taster day has been kindly organised for all P6 Pupils in St. Joseph’s High School, Crossmaglen, this Friday 20th of October. The proposed programme for the day is as follows-

  • P6 pupils will be split into 10 groups for the day. They will have the opportunity to experience the following subjects,

a) P.E.

b) Science

c) Technology and Design

d) Home Economics

e) Numeracy

(each session will last for approx. 45-50 minutes).

  • Pupils should wear their St. Mary’s P.E. uniform as they will be taking part in sporting activities.
  • They should travel to St Joseph’s on the St. Joseph buses. School starts at 8.30 am, you will need to ask  a neighbour or relative what time you will need to be at the bus stop.
  • Lunch is at 12.40 pm. Pupils who receive a free meal here at St Mary’s will be entitled to a free meal in St Joseph’s, we will pass that information to St. Joseph’s. There are cafeteria facilities for those who pay for lunch- £3.00 max. Alternatively pupils may bring a packed lunch if you prefer.
  • Pupils will go home by bus at the end of the school day which is 2.35 pm.

Any questions about this day can be directed to Mrs Carleton or Mr Jones at St Joseph’s.