P7 End-of-Year Trip

We hope that everyone is excited for the P7 trip to Bluebell Lane this coming Thursday. Thanks to everyone who has returned their permission slip and fee for the trip. A reminder that pupils will eat dinner / lunch as normal in school before cycling down to Bluebell Lane.

Pupils should wear their school tracksuit as they need comfortable clothes which will be safe to cycle in and that will enable them to take part in the physical outdoor activities at Bluebell Lane. Pupils should also bring a small backpack to hold some other items which they will need. These items include a waterproof jacket, sun cream, hat, a water bottle and possibly some sweets… Please just remember to be aware that there are pupils with nut & wheat / gluten allergies on the trip. These bags will be transported down to Bluebell Lane by car.

We are also asking that any pupil who stated on the permission slip that they may require any medication or inhalers bring these in to their class teacher on Thursday morning in a plastic bag labelled with their name and administering instructions. Pupils should not bring any money / mobile devices with them on the trip.

The barbeque should be finished up at approximately 7pm and pupils can be collected from Bluebell Lane at this time.