P7 Parents

P 7 Parent,

A reminder to return the reply slip which was attached to a recent letter, indicating the time you wish to attend the “Boundaries Transition Programme” . This programe is being offering to all P7 pupils and parents in preparation for P7’s moving on to their secondary schools next term.  A copy of the information is included below, in case of its having been mislaid…


Dear P7 Parent,

We are delighted to offer you and your child a place on an exciting programme – “Boundaries”  which will provide you both with the opportunity to explore the possibilities and pitfalls that occur at this both, exciting and anxious time, as pupils prepare to transfer to their Secondary School.   

The programme takes the form of 2 Workshops as detailed below:

Workshop 1 – Parent & Child- Wed 5th of June- @ 1.30 pm or 7.00 pm –(Please choose which session you wish to attend)

This workshop aims to provide information and knowledge to children and parents to ensure a minimum stress transition to secondary school.  We explore the new environment and terms that children may not be familiar with, suggest structures that can be put in place to assist with the changes, discuss rules and boundaries and how all our actions have consequences.  

Workshop 2 – Children Only- Wed. 12th of June @ 9.30 am

This workshop is for the children only in their class groups and explores friendships and peer pressure, how to communicate effectively with the people around them and how to understand and deal with stress, anxiety and depression.  Online safety awareness and the potential consequences of inappropriate behaviour online is part of the Workshop.

When we have been able to offer this Programme before, feed back from Parents was very positive and both Parents and Children found the tips given very useful.

We ask if you could please indicate on the reply slip your preferred time for the Parent and Child Workshop. We will try to accommodate everyone, but with 40+ in P 7 this may not be always possible.