Parent Teaching Meetings


Dear Parents / Guardians,

Parent Teacher meetings will begin on Monday 24th October and run through to Thursday 27th.

If you wish you can collect your child / children at 1pm on the meeting days, if this is not suitable children will be accommodated in the school assembly hall where they will be supervised by Mr McDonnell and Classroom Assistants.

The 2pm and 3pm departure times will run as normal for those who cannot avail of the earlier collection time.

School buses will be running at the same times each day, however if you have a child who travels by bus and your meeting time coincides with the departure times of the buses, please let Mr McDonnell know if your child / children  are to stay on in the hall or continue home on the bus.

Supervision will be offered in the assembly hall until meetings have finished.

School sponsored walk:

This event is deferred until Friday 11th November and not  on Friday 28th October.

On Friday 28th we will have a fancy-dress event in school

Sponsored cards will be issued for the walk on this date 28th October.

Mr McDonnell