School Photographer

            School Photographer will be in attendance on
                                     Mon’ 12th March
There will be two photographers in attendance who have arranged the following schedule in the school assembly hall:
·       From 8.30 a.m. onwards Parents with family groups including pre-school children.
·       Individual infants, nursery, Foundation stage (P1 &2) and KS1 (P3 &4) up to first break.
·       Family groups within school between first break and lunch time.
·       After lunch family groups that have no infants.
·       After lunch KS2 (P5,6&7) individuals.
·       Staff individuals throughout the day.
·       Whole class photographs will be taken on Thursday 19th April
There is no obligation to buy photographs once they have been taken. Packs of photographs will be presented and you can decide then what you might like to purchase or not. A copy of individual photographs will be kept to upload onto the SIMS school records.
Peter McDonnell