Sponsored Walk



Our Annual Halloween Sponsored Walk will take place this Friday, 27th October starting at 10.30 am, weather permitting. Parents are very welcome to walk along with us. Our routes are: P4-P7 starting at the school, will walk through the village, passing the Football Club, the Golf Club and back into the village by Belmont.  P1-P3 will take a shorter route walking as far as the Football Club before turning back to school. Nursery Class will have their own Walk within the school grounds when the other classes have left.

Children may wear their Hallowe’en costumes but please be mindful that they will need footwear suitable for walking and a raincoat. Please no clown costumes as we have a number of children afraid of clowns as a result of the publicising of “Clown attacks” in recent years.

 Parents who have participated in the walk may take their children home on return to school from our walk. School dinners will be served at the slightly earlier time of 12.00 noon as everyone will have worked up an appetite from the walking!

School will close for the Hallowe’en Break on Friday, at the normal closure times, 2:00 pm for P1-P3 and 3:10 pm for P1-P4.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable break.