Weather Warning

blue-snowflake-99A severe weather warning for snow and ice is in place over tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night. We have no way of knowing how this might impact on travel in the morning, so a reminder to everyone who travels by bus: buses may have to keep to main roads only. If conditions are deemed too dangerous by the drivers they may not go out at all. In the event that buses do not go out for the morning run, remember they will not go out for the home run and if you have dropped your children to school by car you will have to have arrangements in place for pick up. In addition we ask parents to be mindful that if the weather were to deteriorate significantly over the day the decision could be made to close the school early, so please ensure we have up to date contact details. We hope the worst of the weather will pass us by and there will be no disruptions… but our number one concern has to be the safety of children and staff travelling distances.

Any updates will be posted to our website page,  which automatically feeds to our Twitter and Facebook accounts.