Hive Hackers with PwC

Hive Hackers with PwC

img_0473Sadly, Monday was the last day of our “Hive Hackers” project, a 7 Week Coding Programme created by PwC for Primary Schools. Learning to code is like learning a second language and pupils were introduced to the fundamentals of coding: algorithms, sequencing, loops and conditionals. On Monday working in pairs they used coding blocks to create a story each with up to 6 Characters, in 3 different settings, with characters that could actually move on command! We had football stories, adventure stories and even romances.

We are delighted to have been selected to participate in PWC’s  programme which taught us to Code in a fun, structured and supportive environment.

Early in December each child who took part in the project will be presented with a certificate for completing the course at a special Assembly.

Media Workshop

Today a group of P6 pupils were invited to St Mary’s High School, Newry to participate in a Media workshop in collaboration with the BBC News Report and Eco Schools NI.

The P6 group had the opportunity to work with pupils from St Mary’s High School, Newry, St Mark’s High School, Warrenpoint and St Joseph’s High School, Newry in two workshops.

Workshop one introduced the pupils to report writing and journalism before moving onto the excitement of creating and editing their own News report for the Eco Schools programme. BBC reporter John was very impressed with their reporting skills and final editing of their News Reports! A very entertaining showcase of News Reports from our pupils!

Thank you to Miss Olivia McCann, Past Pupil of St Mary’s PS, who invited us today as part of the Eco Ambassador School Programme for a very enjoyable and well organised day.

Safer Internet Day


“Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you”

Safer Internet Day will celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February so join us and 1000s  of organisations across the world to celebrate this very important day.

We are inviting all Parents/ Guardians and Pupils to visit the Internet Safety page on our school website for useful information and updates.

Follow the links on the page to the many resources available for pupils and parents / guardians

Why not take the Safer Internet Day Quiz online?


Social Media Cyber-Sense Project

SM i

P7 recently undertook a social media cyber-sense project to highlight the possible struggles that children their age face as they move from primary to post-primary school. They created paper-based storyboards detailing various scenarios regarding children their age using social media and then used the app “Comic Life” to bring them to life. A sample of a comic is shown above.

It has recently been highlighted that although social media can have it’s many advantages, it can also have it’s dangers. In St Mary’s, pupils are well informed of good practice when it comes to internet safety. Now more than ever it’s important that children manage their free-time appropriately and do not let social media take over their lives, as it can negatively impact upon their confidence and self-esteem. Hopefully this project will go some way in educating the children about how to manage social media appropriately.

Digital History Project

Representing the Digital History Group parents Karena McGahan and Kate Quinn presented Miss Mulkerns and Miss Crawley with a specially commissioned Donegal Pen as a token of appreciation on conclusion of the project.

During their visit to Donegal the group heard how the owners of the company ‘Donegal Pen’ Rónán and Conor McGarvey started their very successful business while still attending Scoil Eoin Pol, Loch an Iuir.


Digital History Project

20171202_092441Come along to St Mary’s Primary School on Monday 4th December at 7.00 pm and view the fantastic iMovie films created by a group of P 6 pupils and their parents. Each film tells the story of a historical site in the South Armagh area through, photo, narration and music. We are really proud of the work which pupils and parents have put into each of the films and we encourage you to come along Monday night.








Digital History Project

Our six P6 pupils were super excited… and nervous, showcasing their work to a packed auditorium in Ti Chulainn this morning. Their films based on historical sites in the area were very well received and many of those in attendance came afterwards to pass on their congratulations to the children on their super work.

We were delighted to welcome pupils, staff, parents and grandparents from our partner school Scoil Eoin Pol, Loch an Iuir who had made the journey to be with us this morning. They are staying in the area overnight and we will meet with them again in the morning to take them to visit the sites featured in the films.

Our neighbours from the other side of the mountain, Dromintee Primary School were also there and everyone was entertained on arrival by our fabulous musicians from P7, who really set the tone for the morning, until that was, two warriors, members of the local Fianna and friends of Chulainn himself showed up!

A big thanks to Una and Kevin for all their help with the project and for including St. Mary’s in such a prestigious event, it was a great honour to be part of it and one I’m sure the boys and girls will never forget. Remember if you are in Ti Chulainn over the weekend check out the board with the QR codes for the films and view for yourself, enjoy.