Collaborating from Home!

Collaborating from Home!

Who said group and collaborative work wasn’t possible during Lock down?…. It was no problem to our IT savvy P6 and P7 pupils!

As part of their “live” online RE lessons, pupils were divided into Groups and given a link to a Google JamBoard. Each group were tasked to create their own visual display of “The Beatitudes” which they had been learning about.

Pupils could see each other’s online presence and through the use of “Sticky Notes”, they communicated and negotiated with their JamBoard partners. Suggestions were made, tasks assigned and the overall appearance of their combined work agreed upon.

We were delighted with their combined efforts, why not click on the link to see for yourself the amazing collaborative work completed whilst physically distanced, well done to everyone!

P7 – An Hour of Code

P7 – An Hour of Code

This year W5 and Microsoft have teamed up to present, “An Hour of Code” Workshops to P7 classes across Northern Ireland. For our P7 Pupils, this will take place this Thursday, 11th March @ 11 am.  A link will be sent on the morning, via Google Classrooms for Collaborate Ultra.

Tomorrow, in preparation materials necessary for the Workshop will be sent via Google Classroom to all P7’s. These can be printed off or a rough sketch made of the 2 worksheets needed. Access to a copy of the “Global Sustainable Goals” as shown in the image below is also necessary, as pupils will refer to it during the Workshop.

During the Workshop, pupils will 1. act like coders and 2. develop new skills and concepts including:

  • how to think computationally,
  • how to break down problems,
  • how to develop structured solutions and
  • how to design new ideas

In addition they will focus on the following concepts:

  • Coding
  • Algorithms
  • Bugs and debugging
  • Sequencing and loops
  • Decomposition
  • Pattern recognition and
  • Abstraction.

The activities will be linked to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development shown below.

We are really excited by this opportunity and look forward to seeing all our P7’s on Thursday

Miss Mulkerns +Mr Mc Coy

Safer Internet Day – 9th February

Safer Internet Day – 9th February

Safer Internet Day 2021 “Together for a better Internet”

Each year in St Mary’s we recognise the importance of Safer Internet Day by hosting Parents’ and Pupils’ workshops.

So this year we are asking families to take time to explore the Internet Safety tab on our school website where you will find links to information and stories related to this year’s theme “Together for a better Internet”

And why not check out tomorrow’s C2K Newsdesk story line made famous by ex president Donald Trump “Fake News”





Live Lessons

Live Lessons

Exciting news for P6 as we begin our “Live Lessons” tomorrow morning.

We have two special guests who will be joining us during the lesson and I know you will be very happy to hear what they have to tell you for our Tuesday lessons.

We will be using Collaborate Ultra and your link will be sent at in your Google Classroom at 9.30am.

The link will become active at 9.45am for everyone to join in time for the start of lesson at 10am.

Remember to use Google Chrome as your browser to ensure that you can hear and see in the lesson.

Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning

Miss Mulkerns and Miss Crawley


KS2 Parents

KS2 Parents

Dear Ks2 Parent/Guardian,

Next week we will begin “Live Lessons” for KS2, classes, ie P5, P6 and P7. Many of you will be familiar with Live Lessons from last year and will know they take place through our C2k approved  platform “Collaborate Ultra”.  It does not require the download of any additional software. Your child will be sent a link to their lesson on the morning, via their Google Classroom. Once they click on it they will be taken to the live platform. The only requirement is that you use Google Chrome to open the link.

Each year group will have a specific day of the week for their year group lesson. This is to avoid  clashes in families were there are siblings across different year groups. The days are as follows-

Monday P5

Wednesday P7

Thursday P6

All lessons will be at 10 am and will last approximately 1 hour.

In addition there are some extra special lessons coming up. Each KS2 year group will have the opportunity to take part in one Art lesson with a specialist art teacher. These will be on a Friday morning also at 10 am as follows:

Friday, 29th of January P7.

Friday, 5th of February P6

Friday 12th of February P5

Before your child can take part in any lessons, there are some rules, which are laid out in our Code of Conduct. This will be sent through in your child’s Google Classroom in the next day or so. Please read through the Code with your child and return a signed permission stating you allow your child to take part and that you have both, read and agreed to the rules.

(There is no need to print this off, simply write on a piece of paper,)-

“I understand and agree with the rules for using Collaborate Ultra”
Signed Parent-
Signed Child-
Take a photograph, or scan and upload back to your child’s Google Classroom assignment.
Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone in person next week.

KS2 Teachers