Art Online Summer Camp

🌞🌈👩‍🎨Summer Art Camps online ❤️
👩‍🎨26th July – 30th July
👼🏻2nd – 6th August 
Spread the word and share this camp as it’s going to be 🤩 fun and so 😎 awesome.  Take part from anywhere in the world!!
If you are looking for fun, creative  and educational activities to keep your kids entertained over the holidays then Art camp is the place to be.
Art materials needed for camp consist of paint and crayons/oil pastels with some different coloured paper!! That’s it!!
One price per family.
Great for kids who love art, or for those who may need some help with building confidence and self belief.
Art also helps their mental well-being by assisting with relaxation and focusing the mind.
Book today and have fun being creative this summer.
 I also have Summer arts and crafts boxes which will entertain kids for over 6 hours over the summer holidays with accompanying video tutorials and materials.
I have created fun and engaging summer arts and crafts boxes for kids to use over the school summer holidays.
If you are a parent who wants to engage and educate your children over the summer months with 5 different art projects then this is the perfect 👍 gift.
Perhaps you feel you can’t
👩‍🎨help your kids develop their artistic skills and love of art
🙏or your fed up with them on their devices all the time and want for them to be creative more
👩‍👦or you want an hour to yourself so that you can chill out
Whatever the reason these arts and crafts boxes will help them
👩‍🎨be creative
😊have fun
😎feel confident


With 5 projects to create there’s hours of creative fun to be had.
Click on the link below to purchase hours of creative fun for your kids.
You will then be emailed the accompanying video tutorials and your arts and crafts box with art materials necessary for the crafts.
The bundle includes all templates, paper and various materials for the 5 high quality and engaging themed art lessons.
Lesson 1: Create your Summer Ice Pop themed bunting to hang in your bedroom or home. Watch the tutorial as it takes you through how to create your own Ice Pop bunting. Use the paints and paint brush, string and templates to create the bunting.
Lesson 2: Draw and paint a palm tree, beached themes landscape following the accompanying tutorial using your own art materials.
Lesson 3: Lean how to draw and paint two different ice pops using paint and crayons/oil pastels.
Lesson 4: Create your own summer themed postcard and send it to a friend to let them know you are thinking of them. Use your literacy skills to share your summer 2021 experiences.
Lesson 5: Watch the time lapse for inspiration on how you can add colour and patterns to your camper van and surf boards. Then you can create your own beach scene using whatever art materials you prefer to use.