Assessments & Parent / Teacher Meetings

Dear Parents / Carers

I wish to inform you that assessments of pupils started in school last week with year 7 pupils being assessed first and year 1 last.

Assessment, which normally occurs during the spring/summer terms but for obvious reasons didn’t happen this year until now. Much of the assessment takes place online and it is only now that we have opened up the ICT suit to let this happen.

Once results have been gathered and analysed we will be in a better position to give you an informed report on your child’s / children’s academic performance.

We hope to be in a position by the end of January 2021 to begin having parent teacher meetings.

School Dinners

From this point on your child can have school dinners on any day that is desired. You do not have to register for school dinners for the week but only for the days you want.

P Mc Donnell