Dragons in the Hills

Did you know we have dragons in our hills, right here in the Ring of Gullion? Well we do, P6 have been learning all about them, (virtually) over the past 2 weeks from Josh. Josh  works on the “Dragons in the Hills” project, a National Lottery funded Project looking at 3 of our native amphibians and reptiles: the common frog, common lizard, and smooth newt. Two of these species are designated priority species in Northern Ireland because of reported wide spread decline, yet, little is known of their actual distribution, or how they are faring in today’s fast changing world.

Josh took us on a virtual journey through the 3 animal groups: mammals, amphibians and reptiles their characteristics and examples from each group that we have here in the Ring of Gullion.  The constant queue of virtual “hands up” to ask further questions demonstrated just how interested the children were in listening to Josh and learning more about our native species.

Josh was so impressed with the questions and follow-up discussion that he has suggested a 3rd session around habitats and conservation in Ireland, so P6 what do you think? Would you like another session?

He would also (whenever school returns and it is safe to do so), like to take us on a field trip!!  To go hunting with him for lizards, netting ponds and handling (carefully of course), newts and frogs, whilst also learning more about the important habitats we have right here within our own Ring of Gullion. Well P6… who’s up for it?