FLO- Talks for Parents/Guardians

I am delighted to offer Parents and Guardians the opportunity to take part in the second of a series of talks/discussions organised by FLO- The Family Learning Organisation.

This week the talk is on “Word Blindness” and will be given by Kate O’ Hanlon. Kate is a member of the Family Learning Organization for over ten years, she is a teacher, psychologist, researcher and accredited trainer of Instrumental Enrichment, a programme dedicated to developing the thinking skills of young people, particularly those who find learning more challenging. Her areas of interest are language and literacy, young people who may be dyslexic and encouraging a focus on thinking skills.

Kate will look at:

  1. Definitions of Dyslexia
  2. Identification and Diagnosis
  3. Programmes, strategies and approaches which have been shown to work, in assisting our understanding and support of those who find reading and writing challenging and who may have the specific features of dyslexia.

We have prepaid for a limited number of places and can send the Zoom details to any Parent/Guardian interested in attending. Please email me at the address, given below to express your interest in this or next week’s talk “Can’t do Maths?” 

P Mulkerns