Hallowe’en Fancy Dress

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I look forward to seeing our Pupils in fancy dress costume tomorrow, enjoying their last school day before the Mid term break.

As with previous years’ advice, I would ask you to consider outfits/costumes carefully and be mindful that some of our pupils are extremely sensitive. In past years a number of children have experienced distress with the appearance of “clown” costumes and other particularly gruesome outfits.

I would also ask you to remind all, of the dangers around bonfires and when handling sparklers and fireworks. Please also be mindful of the trauamtic effect the setting off, of fireworks can have on pets and farm animals.

Finally, please remind young people that Hallowe’en can be a stressful time for the senior members of our community. Noise and pranks can cause untold distress and all should be respectful of their property.

I wish everyone a Happy Hallowe’en and I look forward to the safe return of all pupils on Monday, 7th of November.

P Mc Donnell