Dear Parent/Guardian,

From next Monday, 21st September finishing times for our Primary School pupils ( P1 -P7 ), are as follows:

P1, P2 and P3- Class finishes @ 2.00 pm- Pick up between 2.00 and 2:15 

P4, P5 P6 and P7 Class finishes @ 2.30 pm – Pick up between 2:30 and 2:45 pm

(Pick up time for Nursery pupils remains at 1:30 pm.)

The staggered drop off and pick up system introduced on return to school in August, remains in place. A reminder that drop off and pick up points are based on the youngest family member for drop off or pick up at any particular time. This is particularly important at 2:30 pick up time, P1 and P2 classes will have already left so  no one will be leaving by the Main door at 2:30 pm.

Entry points are as follows:

Nursery – Car Park- for Nursery pupils and older siblings in morning

P1 +P2- Main Entrance- for P1 +P2 and older siblings

P3 +P4- Main Car park- for P3 and P4 and older siblings

P5, P6 + P7- Ti Chulainn for P5 + P6 + P7 and older siblings

We are available to receive people from 8:30 am. For those Parents who wish, we can facilitate a “One Pick Up” time at 2:00 pm for families with pupils in both the 2:00 and 2:30 pick up.

Pupils travelling by bus can be facilitated until bus time and we will continue to operate an After Schools Club until 4 pm for those parents who require this service.

Thank you for your co-operation, safety for everyone remains our main focus at this time,

P Mc Donnell