Important Notice

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This communication is in response to the Minister for Education, Mr Peter Weir’s most recent press release today. I am sure that you have heard through the media that primary schools are to be closed next week and it is the purpose of this notice to inform you how Mr Weir’s announcement will affect us.

St Mary’s PS was due to open on Tuesday, 5th January this day will now be a preparation day (Allocated Optional Closing Day) with teachers and staff making preparations for online learning.

From Wednesday 6th January teachers will post activities for pupils on the See Saw Classroom platform for foundation (including Nursery) and Key Stage 1, (P3-P4) pupils and on Google Classrooms for Key Stage 2 pupils, (P5 to P7).

St. Mary’s do not have a “Childcare Setting” attached to our Nursery, and therefore Nursery will be treated the same as the main Primary School.

Children of “Key Workers” can be accommodated within the school building from Wednesday 6th January for supervised learning as was the arrangement during the Spring and Summer terms. It is important that you inform us as soon as possible if you intend to use the facility for “Key Workers” so that we can prepare to allocate staff and school meals.

Peter McDonnell