It’s snowing in Mullaghbawn

Snow is falling in Mullaghbawn,
Children are laughing and having fun,
This is the season for teachers to drink coffee,
And pupils to eat toffee.
By Luke P6
Today it is snowing in Mullaghbawn. We went outside to take photos of us playing in the snow.
By Rachel P6
Today it is snowing and we are having fun. We are trying to run in the snow but we keep slipping.
By Maria P6.
Have you seen the snow in Ireland?
By Megan P6
This is Megan posing like an icicle
By Conor P6
This is P6 posing in the snow and having fun
By Shonagh P6
We enjoyed slipping and sliding in the snow in the school yard today!
By Maria  P6
Snow is falling in Mullaghbawn,
The pupils are playing with their teachers.
Our parents are working hard
while we are having fun!
By Conor P6