Michael J Murphy Winter School

Congratulations, to everyone who took part in the Michael J Murphy, Winter School Art competition. Inspired by the words of the song/poem “The Boys of Mullaghbane” pupils drew scenes from the poem, including drawings of Jackson’s Folly, Forkhill House, country views and scenes of emigration. All the beautiful art work is on display in Ti Chulainn and is well worth a visit to view!

The Boys of Mullaghbane
One morning bright and early my wandering steps did lead me
Down by a farmer station by valley and green lawn
I heard great lamentation that the wee birds they were making
Sayin’ we’ll have no more engagement with the boys of Mullaghbane.

Squire Jackson has no equal for honour or for reason,
He never did turn traitor nor betrayed the rights of man,
But now we are forsaken by a cruel hearted traitor,
Who has sent for transportation for the boys of Mullaghbane.

As these heroes crossed the ocean they said the ship in motion,
Did rise in wild commotion as if the seas ran dry,
The trout and salmon leapin’ as the cuckoo left their station,
Saying fare thee well Killeavey and the hills of Mullaghbane

To end my lamentation we’re all in consternation
For lack of education I now must end my song
None cares for recreation since without consideration
They have sent for transportation for the Boys of Mullaghbane.