Money Sense Workshop- Fraud Scene Investigators

4c915673-84b4-437c-b342-8e05bbd8c6c6 96d8eed9-a0ba-4e9c-a10d-213a476105f4 a67048a6-25c0-4456-b074-54ca637be2ee 1eb96a9f-5e82-4137-989d-b08ccc2958dbPrimary 6/7 had a busy afternoon helping solve a “fraud crime” committed against a friend. They reviewed exhibits and evidence to determine how the crime had been committed, they will follow up by creating  a “Crimewatch” style report warning others of the dangers of frauds and scams.

Thank you to Richard from Ulster Bank for coming along to help out with the workshop and to tell us more about fraud and his job at Ulster Bank. We hope that everyone will share their learning with their family and friends to ensure we all know how to protect ourselves from fraudsters.

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