Notice for Parents / Guardians of P6 Pupils

Dear P6 Parents / Guardians,

Please find correspondence below, detailing information received from the Department of Education around the process of your child’s transfer to post-primary school in 2024. 


As has been the practice over the last number of years the Department of Education has produced a document providing advice to parents of children in P6 on the post-primary transfer process.  The purpose of this document is to ensure that parents receive timely information about the range of issues they need to take into account when making important decisions about the next stage in their child’s education.

Previously a hard copy would have been provided for parents in January of their child’s P6 year however this year the document will be available in electronic form only.

The document is available to download from the Department’s website at the following link.

The Transfer Process to Post Primary School – Advice for Parents of Children in Primary Six | Department of Education (