Nursery notice

Dear Parents,

Clarification of present nursery status and impact on the remainder of the school.

The admission number to our single nursery unit is, as it always has been, 26. The nursery building was built to accommodate 26 pupils, one teacher and one classroom assistant. The Department of Education sets guidelines on the amount of floor space allocated to each pupil. This year the Southern Education Authority placed additional pupils in our nursery over and above the 26. The new classrooms adjacent to the nursery were vacated to provide sufficient space to accommodate the nursery class. P6 & P6/7 pupils are now accommodated in the main school, in classrooms that have the same level of facilities as the rooms vacated.

In an attempt to assist in the management of the additional pupils in our single nursery unit, the EA in a time of severe financial cutbacks, has very generously provided us with an additional 25hrs teacher time and 50 hrs classroom assistance. The increase in our numbers has nothing to do with our normal admissions process which involves the application of strict criteria. A process which has been carried out without error for 17 years and has despite numerous challenges never been found to have erroneously applied the criteria.

We are pleased to be able, now, to accommodate additional pupils and we wish all a successful year ahead in our nursery.

Peter McDonnell